Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From TamsinP: 15mm Renaissance Swiss Skirmishers (96 points)

From Tamsin:
For my final entry in this year's Challenge, here are some 15mm Swiss skirmishers - 24 handgunners and 24 crossbowmen. Figures are from Donnington's New Era range and are a mix of Swiss, Burgundian and WoTR (just to add a little variety - there are only 2 variants of each weapon type in the Swiss range).
These 48 figures leave me with just the command stands to do to complete my Swiss army for FoG:AM. And the camp and some leitzinen. And maybe some more halberdiers.
I really do thank Curt for all his hard work in running the Challenge - dealing with all of us loonies and getting our pics posted must have had him screaming at times.

I've had great fun taking part and have amazed myself with the output it has somehow pushed me to achieve. It is a shame that I've ended up just short of 2000 points, but I simply don't have time to paint up anything else. Still, I'm extremely happy with my final score, especially considering that I thought my original target of 800 points was going to be a big stretch.
Thanks again Curt, and to my fellow Ronin - I salute you all!

Excellent final effort Tamsin! These fellows look the business in their quartered livery, jacks and sallet helms. Lovely stuff.

These crossbowmen will give Tamsin 96 points to close her participation in the Challenge. 

Congratulations, you really gave Ray (and most everyone else) a good run for their money. I'm especially happy as I know at the start of this you were not sure if you'd be able to keep up the steam. Well, as it turned out you were one of the heavy hitters with not only meeting your original target but blasting past your second! Well done Tamsin and thank you.


  1. Well done Tamsin, you really worried him and he's still painting as I type.

  2. well done Tamsin, great work and making Ray work to the last min
    Peace James

  3. Nice one Tamsin. Lovely figs as always. The whole force must look a treat together on the table. Well done busting your target not once but twice too.

  4. Well done Tamsin, your quality and output really have been excellent


  5. Thanks everyone!

    @ Fran - I guess he was finishing another sandbag to smack us all down with!

    @ James - sadly, I don't think it was me he was working furiously to beat :)

    @ Millsy - as soon as I've got my commanders done, I'll take them to the club and get some photos done of them all together.

    @ Andrew - look who's talking! Your output over the Challenge has been wonderful.

    @ Ian - that's high praise, which I'll gladly accept! :)

  6. Well done Tamsin - a Herculean effort to push Ray all the way.

  7. Bravo Tamsin, you painting dervish! I've enjoyed and admired all of your submissions and appreciated your encouragement of my own efforts.


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