Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Guest Post - 28mm Austrian Infantry Officers from GregB

28mm Austrian foot officers from Wargames Foundry
Hello again to the good folks who visit Analogue Hobbies!  It is nice to be back and intruding again with a little guest post here on Curt's blog.  Curt had a recent post featuring some 28mm French infantry officers, and I'm here to foreshadow some opposition to those fellows - featuring a group of stoic, hard-marching and (probably) hapless Habsburg officers from the Austrian Army.

Nice action in this sculpt - more variety would have been nice, but considering the huge range the Perrys did overall for Foundry, it's pretty amazing

I am painting these as I will be visiting Regina this weekend and Curt will be introducing me to "Sharp Practice" from the TooFatLardies. I find the Lardies' rules can at times be an acquired taste, but overall I really like how they embrace different approaches to different rules and settings ("Chain of Command" in particular is brilliant). My 28mm Austrians will be making another trip west down the TransCanada Highway to tangle with Curt's beautiful Napoleonic collection.  I'll save the scenario details for Curt to share, but suffice to say I am pretty psyched for the game!

This fellow is a Hungarian officer, but I snuck him in with some white pants - the big coat covers things up nicely :)

These castings are from Wargames Foundry, sculpted by the Perry twins.  These models are pretty old, and have that slightly plump look which defines a lot of the Foundry castings, versus the leaner look I personally see in the sculpts the Perrys have released under their own name in more recent years.

Love this rotund fellow saluting by doffing his helmet
Unfortunately the posing is not so varied in these Foundry Austrian officer packs so there is a bit of a monopose when they are all together, but overall they still look the business. It has been several years - at least two, maybe more - since my brushes have worked on any Austrian figures, so it is nice to be back in the groove a bit.  It was slow going at first, trying to remember how to approach the white coats etc. but having painted a good size pile of these fellows already, my memory caught up pretty quickly after the first figure.

A mix of facing colours are present - hopefully to help differentiate in the game
I left the groundwork neutral and barren - if I enjoy "Sharp Practice", I'll add more detail to it, but otherwise I will dig them out of the bases and use them for other purposes related to my 28mm forces, probably starting as a cadre to get another big 40-casting battalion started...

I know my toy Hapsburgs are looking forward to another tangle with Napoleon and his pretentious lackeys!  We can make Austria Great Again! And I can't wait to see Curt and the folks in Regina once more!

There was word of some snow in the forecast today...that has me thinking it will not be long until the next Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is upon us? How many points would this have been worth...?