Sunday, June 7, 2015

Entry #8 to the Lead Painter's League - 'Napoleonic Spanish Guerrillas, 1809'

For my eighth entry to the LPL I decided to add a few more models to my existing collection of Napoleonic Spanish guerrillas.

If memory serves these are from the Perrys' range of Carlist War figures. Even though they are a bit 'out of period' (by about 25 years) I think they serve quite well for Spanish irregulars during the Peninsular War. Below is a shot of them with a few other figures that I had done up this past winter during the Painting Challenge (a mix of castings from Brigade Games).

Work and home life has been keeping me a bit busy, so my 9th entry is not a 'fresh team' but rather a grouping of Deep One hybrids that I had posted a few months back. Well, there's no fun revisiting 'old news' so next week I'll debut some 3mm Napoleonics that I've been puttering with over the past couple of months.

Have a great week everyone!