Monday, December 16, 2013

From ScottS: 10mm Republican Roman Command Stand (4 points)

Scott sends in this wonderful 10mm command stand to add to his Republican Roman collection.

From Scott:

This is a command stand for my Republican Rome project. Figures are 10mm by Pendraken, from the cavalry pack and quite nice they are too.
I want to avoid the whole sea-of-red look for my Romans, so used green as the main colour and will probably keep it as the main colour for the legionnaires.
This stand has been kicking around my painting desk since the end of the last challenge, so I thought it was about time to get some paint of them!

Great work Scott. I've always admired Pendraken's models and you've done a very fine job with them here. I like your idea of going with a green colour base as opposed to the usual red theme, and the pigments you've chosen are nice and vibrant which I think benefits these smaller scales.

This command stand will give Scott 4 points. Welcome to the scoreboard Scott!

From ByronM: Great War Germans in Early-Period Uniform (55 points)

Byron submits this wonderfully painted section of early Great War Germans for use in 'Through the Mud and the Blood'.

From Byron:
Here is a WW1 German section with HMG in 28mm scale. I believe all the figures are from They are all based on bases matching Curt's standard, which I believe was borrowed from Sydney Roundwoods blog and is meant for simplifying finding the right figures in the awesome rule set "Through the mud and the blood".

The "Big Man" is on a 30mm hex base so that he can be found easily. The riflemen are on 25mm rounds. The HMG with it's three crew are on a large 60mm round with a bit of protection built into the base in the form of a few sandbags.
While not done as show quality, I aimed for good tabletop quality as I have over 100 WW1 German and Canadian models that I want to paint over the course of this challenge. I hope I got at least an acceptable tabletop quality going.
Oh, and included is their own card for the TTMATB action deck I am making to go with them.

Show quality, schmow quality; this is fabulous work Byron! The Great War range of models are excellent sculpts and you've really done them justice here. I look forward to seeing this project find its way to my gaming table this spring (hint, hint).

This squad of pickelhaubed fellows will give Byron 55 points.

From DaveD: 'Prospector Pete' and 'Jess' (10 points)

Dave begins his opening gambit with this fine duo from his wonderfully realized Wild West town of 'Serenity'.

From Dave:
So its an early single entry just to kick my personal scoreboard into life, and see if the rest of the 600 point mob are on their toes... I give you "Prospector Pete" and the faithful mule Jess. A Dixon miniatures set, and very nice they are too.  My diversion into the  Old West  has been growing steadily and my prime aim for the start of the challenge is to add some extra depth to my collection with some more civilians to my town of "Serenity". We will also be off down south of the Rio Grande , and out onto the plains before long. 
I hosted some of the gang at our first ever "Blog Con" a little while ago, fighting it out on the mean streets of Serenity - well apart from Ray not hitting a barn door - Sidney not being able to get through one, and Fran nearly falling over in fright at an opening "double 1",  James needing all the ammo he could, and don't let Loki anywhere near the steak house. - It was great fun , I am looking forward to the re-run. May be we will have a few other challengers involved.

These two are just great Dave. I particularly like trusty 'Jess' with his (her?) load of prospecting gear. 

Jess and Pete will give Dave 10 points. Good to have you up and on the board Mr. Docherty!

From PaulS: 28mm Mummies (20 points)

Paul sends in this fine set of mummies who look as if they they are about to perform some fabulous synchronized dance moves on 'American Bandstand' or perhaps 'Egypt's Got Talent'! 

From Paul:
Day 1 started off well, with these four old boys completing quickly, only to be turned back at the gates by an old can of varnish that misted up and turned them white again *sob*. 
A quick touch up of the bad areas and they are finished again and ready to take part in Pulp and Mythos games as well as my ongoing projects to rebuild Warhammer Quest and HeroQuest. 
Further work on the challenge halted as a pang of guilt turned my attention to the unfinished Bloggers for Charity models that I meant to finish before today. 

Great work Paul! I feel your pain with the varnish, having done something similar with post-op black primer spray (the memories still make me twitch). You recovered brilliantly with these though. Also, I really like the clear bases - it provides a very clean look.

These old boys will give Paul 20 points. Well done.