Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My Tribute to Peter - 'Max' the Reislaufer - Standard Bearer for the Canton of Uri

This Tribute figure is for my good friend Peter, who was our very entertaining and hard working Monday Minion.

Peter is a die-hard regular in our local gaming group. He's an Easterner, a stats prof and a bit of a loon, but I quite like him.  Both of us share a keen interest in the pike and shotte periodwith our most recent diversion being the Italian Wars. To help fuel the furnace of industry, Peter and I had a spirited 'Renaissance Men' duel over this past Challenge where we managed to get a load of units completed for future tabletop mayhem. So in light of all this, I've decided to present as my tribute to Peter this figure representing a Swiss standard bearer from the canton of Uri. 

This is a 28mm model from Wargames Foundry's venerable Renaissance Swiss range. The model was originally armed with a partizan, but I extended the staff, and added a cantonal banner and a fancy finial to top it off

Much of the literature of the Uri Swiss have their ensigns wearing these whacky yellow-and-black bull getups. The uniform makes me laugh as it reminds me of the pajamas 'Max' wears in Maurice Sendak's 'Where the Wild Things Are'.  :)

'Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!!'

Whoops! ...and here's Max with the iconic Swiss white cross on his chest (noticed that I missed it after the first batch of photos...)  

Thank you very much for all your help during the Challenge Peter. I think I can speak for all of us in saying that you and your Monday mob always started of our work-weeks with a smile. I hope this chap finds a good home amongst the ranks of your troops

Thanks again.