Saturday, March 3, 2012

From MikeW: 28mm Early Saxon Gedrith Warband (100 points)

Mike sends in this fine unit of Early Saxon Gedrith warriors that he will be using for a WAB 'Age of Arthur' list.

From Mike:

Gripping Beast plastics (with one exception), with the usual approach - basic block colours, Army Painter dip (this time I used the two brush technique - brush dip on in batches of four, take a clean brush and remove anywhere it's pooled), Army Painter varnish, and Tamiya diorama paint plus Javis Spring Grass and Gale Force 9 Parched Straw on the bases. The standard bearer is a Wargames Factory plastic Saxon Thegn (the double-handed axe wielder) and the standard itself is hand-painted atop a computer printout and attached (with the wife's blessing) to a bristle cut off our garden broom :D 

These fierce lads will give Mike 100 points to add to his score. Well done! He tells me there is a substantial submission on the horizon, so stay tuned!

From DaveD: A Mahdi Horde! (545 points)

Well the drums have been beating in Dave's paint room! He's been clipping his fingers raw separating figures from plastic sprues and so sends in this amazing mob of Mahdists ready to face the western devils.

All the infantry are 28mm Perry plastics from their excellent Mahdist Ansar boxed set.

The Khalifa is a Perry metal figure from the same range.

All told there are one hundred and eleven foot figures with eight of them being casualties. These, in addition to the Khalifa, will give Dave an amazing 545 points! Wow, impressive work, Dave, they look awesome!