Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Turnip28 'Welp' Light Cavalry

Hey there,

These motley fellows will represent some light cavalry, or in Turnip28 parlance: serve as 'The Welps'. The base models are from Knucklebones Miniatures, with a few alterations involving head-swaps, mirroring, etc. 

I quite like these figures as they have sort of a Ralph Bakshi 'Wizards' vibe going on.

This one I did up with a bicorne as his pose reminds me of David's famous painting of Napoleon crossing the Alps. A commanding pose, if I ever saw one.

For the standard bearer, I removed the original musket and replaced it with a brass rod. I then mocked up a flag, freehanding a 'rooty' heraldic device.

I liked the morion helmet on this mook.

...and the bearskin on this fella.

Coming up soon will be the heavies, but I think I'll revisit Barsoom as I've found a few models in my lead pile.

Thanks for dropping in! Have a great week!

- Curt