Friday, December 21, 2012

From SamuliS: 15mm WWII German Grenadiers (74 points)

Samuli from Finland sends us a platoon of German WWII infantry based for Flames of War.

From Samuli:
Some franctic painting after finishing my last exam in the University yesterday evening leads to a platoon of German grenadiers and their company command. First time ever painting 15mm and I tried some speedpainting techniques with a lot of drybrushing and washes. The whole lot painted in around 4-5 hours. Paint job looks surprisingly good to my eye. A lot faster to do than my Napoleonics :) I'm not too happy with the quality of some of the new Flames of War plastic figures though. Quite a lot of warped detail etc.

Excellent work Samuli! These 37 infantry will give him 74 points, pipping Miles for the lead.

From MilesR: 28mm WWII Japanese Infantry & 'Chi-Ha' Tank (35 points)

Miles has for us another group of 28mm infantry from the Land of the Rising Sun.

He also sends along a work-in-progress shot of a 'Bolt Action' 1:56 scale Japanese tank he's been working on, a 'Chi-Ha' light tank, I believe. It will not count for scoring as he started it before the Challenge, nonetheless it's a sweet little ride to be sure. (Aquarium accessories have certainly revolutionized jungle wargaming, eh? Great stuff.)

These seven infantrymen will give Miles 35 points and will place him to the front of the standings. 

From GregB: Ronin #12 (30 points)

Greg is first off the mark to send in shots of his Challenge Ronin.

From Greg:

My first submission. A 28mm mounted Samurai charging with Katana drawn. The figure is from Perry Miniatures.  I would love to claim this paint scheme is based on elaborate and careful research, but the the truth is that the more I read about Samurai and the warring states period of Japan, the less I understand. Napoleonics is paint-by-numbers compared to Samurai.  This paint job is the result of a google image search, pure guesswork and a sense that "Samurai were so cool they could wear whatever the f*ck they like, so whatever".

I stated I would give 20 points for the Challenge Ronin but since Greg's submitting a mounted figure (with some very nice groundwork I must say) I'll going to give him a few extra: 30 points.

Beautiful work Greg and thank you very much!

From MarkB: 15mm Austrian Napoleonic Artillery (36 points)

Mark opens with a nice battery of 15mm Austrian guns for his Napoleonic collection.

From Mark:

Well I was able to get some figures done today! I was a little under the weather so I took a sick day from work..... Here is my first submission.  These are 15mm Austrian Artillery, they are Old Glory 15's.  They came out OK, I have a mix of guns as this is what the Austrians did during the Napoleonic Wars.  I am painting these as the Cavalry Battery of the Advance Guard of the V Corps in 1809.  You will see more miniatures from V Corps as I get them painted up.  The rules I am using is General de Brigade so the Austrian Battalions will be huge with the 1:20 scale.  More to come.

Great work Mark (Sick Days, you gotta love them!). These three stands of artillery will give him 36 points. (I have a suspicion your Personal Challenge Par may be a bit low at 200...  :P)