Monday, February 24, 2014

From TamsinP: 'Lady Christina' Recovery and Repair Ship (15 points)

From Tamsin:
"Good morning, you're through to the AA*. How may I help you?"
"Hi, we've broken down outside the jump point from Antares IV to Excelsior II. We need a recovery ship"
"Can I take the name and model of your ship please? And your name."
"Yes, this is Captain Keith Remen of the NAC heavy cruiser London."
"And can you confirm that you or a member of your crew are a member of the AA?"
"Yes, the New Anglian Confederation Space Navy has corporate membership."

"Hmmmm. It appears that your government failed to renew the membership when it was due for renewal last month. Do you have a crew member with individual membership?"
"They didn't renew?!?!?! The useless, penny pinching, pencil pushing, tight fisted *&%$£&s!"
"You can always charge it to a credit card...."
*Astromobile Association
This is a Lady Christina class recovery and repair ship from GZG. Just as a bit of fun I decided to paint it up in the livery colours of a well known roadside rescue organisation from the UK. The company logos are hand-painted, but I might go over them with black as they look a bit crap. Maybe at some point I'll make some decals up. I'm tempted to buy another of these ships to paint up in the colours of their main UK rival.
I've included a couple of pics showing it in action, attempting recovery of the NAC heavy cruiser.

That is a very cool looking ship Tamsin. I like the clampy bits and that you've painted it in the UK motor league colours (ours here in Canada are in white and blue). I wonder what the towing charge is per parsec?

This inter-galactic tow truck will give Tamsin 15 points.