Monday, March 28, 2011

6-10mm Scale Terrain from 'Forge World', 'JR Miniatures' and others

A resin 'Forge World' castle tarted up with additional buildings and trees.
I was reorganizing the shelves in my storage cabinet the other day and noticed some 6-10mm terrain that needed a bit of touching-up since our move.  I dragged them out, repaired them, got a little nostalgic (sniff) and thought I'd put up a few shots of them. 

Check out the whacky door and walkway out of the upper tower: 'Watch out when you go out to the loo, the first step's a doozy.'
There is nothing more picturesque than a burned-out village...
I always liked the rips and patches sculpted onto the sails of this windmill.
I put this stuff together several years ago for my 'Grande Armee' and Warmaster collection. The castle and windmill are from the sadly, now-deleted Forge World range of terrain for Warmaster. I'm not entirely sure about the other buildings, but I think at least a few of them are from JR Miniatures.

'Berthier, after you write out those orders, get me a couple of fresh croissants, some butter and a non-fat latte from that village. Oh, and mind the artillery fire, I don't want you to spill...'

As an aside, these are Adler 6mm which have incredible detail. You can even see the bespectacled bald head of Marshal Davout! (He's on the horse to the right of that strange little Corsican chap.)
To give a sense of scale I've placed one of my 'Grande Armee' command stands depicting Napoleon's headquarters next to the windmill.

Bases placed together to depict a town with very poor zoning bylaws.

I mounted the buildings on 4" square plywood bases in a manner where I could mix-and-match them to form a larger town (or towns) if needed. Well, now I feel like dragging out my 6mm stuff to have a game of Grande Armee!