Sunday, April 20, 2014

Entry #4 to the 8th Lead Painters' League: 'Francois, forget that Rosetta Stone, come look at this...'

This is a double-header weekend as I catch up with my past entries to the Lead Painters' League.

When we were in the midst of the Challenge I was swept up with the 'all-things-camel' vibe and so picked up a set of revolutionary war French dromedary troopers in order to submit to the group. I had them finished well before the end of the Challenge but then realized that I was short  a few entires for the Lead Painters' League so, sadly, I decided to hold them back.

Nonetheless, here they finally are - my tip-of-the-hat to 'The Wild Bunch', and specifically to Clint, who started it all with his wonderful Revolt in the Desert project. Seen here is a trio from Napoleon's French Dromedary Corps, along with a group of ardent French academics (savants) from l'Institute  d'Egypte in the midst making a groundbreaking discovery (or a horrible, horrible mistake...).

One of the savants is actually a cameo by Stephen Maturin doubling in from my Aubrey & Maturin submission for the Favourite Characters bonus round. 

My current submission to the LPL (the 5th) is a chariot-borne Boudicca in homage to my lovely red-haired, Welsh wife Sarah. If you have the time, please go check out the match to see her along with all the entries from the other 39 participants in the League. In the meantime I'm going to work on some French Indochina figures for next week's 6th submission.