Monday, July 12, 2021

'Boris the Bunny Summoner', his Murder Bunnies and the dreaded Jackalope

I know, I know, I said I'd do an update on the gaming clubhouse, but I'm waiting for some stuff to be installed, so I thought I'd wait and do a post after those are completed.

So what do we have today? Well, let's continue on my current fixation with all things Moonstone by looking at a few new additions to the Faun contingent.

When I first showed Sarah the Moonstone figures she was immediately attracted to the Faun as they had 'Boris the Bunny Summoner'.

Well, it's true, Boris is pretty darn awesome. While his personal stat line is not that impressive, he does have one ability that absolutely rocks: he can summon rabbits. Oh no, these are not normal rabbits, boys and girls. Nooo, our Faun Boris can summon a bloodthirsty trio, a fluffle no less of Murder Bunnies(!), AND if the stars align, he can call forth the ferocious (and slightly ridiculous) Jackalope! 

The Murder Bunnies individually are not especially powerful, but with Boris being able to control them remotely, a trio of them can cause quite a bit of mischief and mayhem.

The Jackalope is, literally, a different beast entirely. Very dangerous and quite manoeuvrable, this huge horned hare is a force to contend with. Once Boris manages to summon it (no easy task in of itself), the Jackalope is treated as an additional character for the Faun player to use. 

This floppy-eared apex predator can handily leap over very large obstacles, takes great delight in skewering enemies with his spikey antlers and can chomp them with his 'nasty, big, pointy teeth'. Essentially, the Jackalope is Elmer Fudd's nightmare, writ large.

Thanks for dropping in folks! I hope you're having a terrific day.

Next Up: Gnomes!