Sunday, December 22, 2013

Announcing The First Fortnight Theme Bonus Round - 'Non-Combatants'

'It's not over until...'
Well, it took a bit of work but I think I have it all sorted and ready for prime time...

I'm delighted to announce that we have our first Fortnight Theme Bonus Round ready for viewing. Please follow this link or use the navigation bar above to navigate to the page.

From my last count we have nearly 40 entrants for this round and they are all wonderful. To kick off the fun, here is my submission, 'It isn't over until...'

I feature my entry to both open the Theme Round, but more importantly, to show off one of Kawe's figures, Maria Theresia of Austria which I've shamelessly defaced to depict a simple opera singer. So why is this figure important? Well, Kawe is going to ship each and every participant of the Challenge a copy of this limited edition casting as a special memento of the event. And this is on top of generously providing prize support for other elements of the Challenge.  An amazing gesture Kawe - I thank you.

So, please visit the Theme's gallery and look in wonder at all the entrants' wonderful work. Also, don't forget to vote for your favourites using the poll I've made up for this bonus round (you'll see it on the right-side panel). Vote for as many entrants as you like - there is no limitation. 

Enjoy and Have Fun!

From StefanK: 28mm Drunken Monk (5 points)

Stephan debuts with this great little vignette of a inebriated friar.

From Stephan:

This is a nice 28mm miniature by Shadowforge. It's a rather old one which I bought ages ago. Since then it had been hiding somewhere in my lead mountain but now I found it time to paint this little fellow.

Ha! That is a great little vignette Stephan. He would be great as a watchman whose job it is to look out for Viking raiders - a Lindisfarne stamp on the keg would be quite fitting...

This happy tonsured chap will give Stephen 5 points to put him on the board. Welcome aboard Stephan!