Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From AndrewS: 20mm Ancient Nubian Royal Guard & Command (150 points)

From Andrew:
I have the first of a few smaller entries, as I tidy up the Nubian Army build. This entry is for 4 divisional command stands and 4 spare infantry commands.
The Infantry commanders are spare command stands in case I wish to use the optional ability to split the warbands down into smaller light infantry units. I have colour coded the capes on these to make identification easier on the table top.  All eight figures are from the Hat 20mm range.

The divisional commands are 3 figures to a base over 4 bases and are all a mix of Hat and Caesar 20mm plastics. The spearmen are all conversions. Each command has its loin protectors colour coded to match the respective division. The shields and officers capes have been done with my stipple technique.

Next is two Nubian Royal Guard infantry units each of 8 figures. These are all 20mm figures from the Caesar miniatures plastics range.
I decided to use these figures for the royal guards due to the animal skin kilts, which really distinguishes the from the hat figures, In order to make a further distinction I did some internet searching and found that a traded commodity was feathers for ceremonial headwear so I have given each unit a different type of feather.
The first unit has had to be converted as the Caesar range is rather devoid of spears, so a quick conversion from clubs to spears made the rear rank, stippled the shields in a unique pattern and used a flamingo feather as the main distinction for these.
The second unit, again with the animal skins and lacking shields so added a few extra spears, I tried to be a bit adventurous with the feather for these and used a peacock feather, at this scale it is very hard to be completely accurate in such a small area but I am happy with the finished result.

Beautiful work Andrew! The commanders looks suitably imposing and regal with their leopard shawls and rods of office. I also like the Royal Guards with their ornamental belts and bright coloured plumes. Ah, it makes one nostalgic for the day when a well-placed feather and a jauntily worn animal wrap marked you as a man of substance.  Sigh.

These commanders along with their pink and turquoise retinues will give Andrew 150 points. Cracking job Gramps!

From Kawe: 40K Commissar (5 points)

You certainly don't want to get an itch or be adjusting your underwear with this prosthesis...

From Kawe:
I was recruiting a lot of old imperial guard type GW models into some Weird WWII sort off skirmish force that I am slowly building.
Now I got around to painting another one. I did him up in field-grey and panzer yellow - all colors on display come from the yellow, green, skin black and white sets from Andrea . I think there's a few too many skulls on this mini to represent the wehrmacht but there you go.

That's a very cool idea to use some of GWs stuff for Weird WWII. I could easily see using Forge World's 'Death Korps of Krieg' for this kind of project.

This commissar will give Kawe 5 points.

From RayR: 28mm Great War British Early War Infantry (220 points)

Okay, where's the French guys on nags with the funny hats and yards of lace (the guys not the nags)?  Ray pretty much sums it up below:

Faint in amazement Ray enters something other than 15mm Nine Years War figures!
Only because I've painted these up for a fellow gamer Matt. They're more of his WWI British. There are 40 Infantry and a 2 man Machine Gun crew. 

Most of the figures are from Musketeer Miniatures and a few are the rarely seen (or so I'm led to believe) Battlehonours. This should get me up the table a little!!

Excellent work Ray! I'm sure Matt will be delighted with these figures. I've not tried any of the figures from Battle Honours but I think I'll give them a go after seeing these.

These 42 men from Britain's Contemptible Little Army will give Ray 220 points, enough for him to break through his original Challenge goal of 600 points. Nice one Mr. R!