Wednesday, January 22, 2014

From BenG: 20mm Goth Heavy and Light Cavalry (40 points)

From Ben:
Here's my latest entry; a stand each of Gothic shock cavalry and light cavalry for the Comitatus ruleset. 
The figures are mainly Italeri, with a couple of MIniart horses and rider in the shock cavalry stand.The Italeri figures are frustrating because despite the production values, they're let down by anachronistic inaccuracies like stirrups!

All shields are hand-painted again, though the patterns on the larger Italeri shields were molded which made it easier than doing them completely freehand.

Next up will be Gothic cavalry and infantry command stands. 

Very nice figures Ben. Those shields are marvelous, especially freehanding the red pin-wheel design - great job!

These five mounted Goths will give Ben 45 points, with a bit extra for the ace shields.

From AlanD: 28mm Huns (100 points)

Alan releases ten more marauding Huns for us to enjoy.

From Alan:

Here are another ten Huns from Wargames Foundry. After my last effort, and feedback from Curt and Paul, I tried to improve the appearance of the snowy bases.   

Perhaps some of you in the Northern hemisphere could pop your heads out the window and tell me what you think? I couldn't get in touch with Miss Smilla.

Ooh! These are tasty! I'm seriously jealous as I've always wanted to do a Hunnic army and these are so well done. I like the ice/slush with the turf peeking through. As a suggestion I'd say that the grass should be tones of yellow/brown as it would be largely dead during the winter season. 

Love the Smilla reference (great novel)!

These ten Huns will give Alan 100 points. Very nice indeed.

From ClintB: 10mm Ansar Tribal Riflemen (33 points)

From Clint:
Another 11 Stands of 10mm Ansar. Again these are by Pendraken with 3 figures to a base for use with "Patrols in the Sudan" Rules. As the rules differentiate between rifle and melee armed stands each of these stands has two riflemen on each stand.
This should help my Mahdist force out a little as it will give them a ranged component to go with the previously shown Camelry and Fuzzie Wuzzies.
Great work Clint. I'm not familiar with these rules but will have to track them down - I'm sure Greg would be keen for ideas for his own Mahdist collection (that I shamelessly enjoy playing with).

These Ansar tribesmen will give Clint 33 points to add to his growing tally. Well done!

From DaveD: 28mm Challenge Desperado: Alfredo 'Loco' Garcia (35 points)

Dave sends in his Challenge Desperado with this wonderful paired versions of Alfredo 'Loco' Garcia.

From Dave:
Ok , so here we have Curt's Challenge entry figure/s. How could I pass up the the opportunity to do a Wild West figure in my trademark poncho? So here we have the foot and mounted version - twice the fun on poncho patterns , but over the last few years of Old West gaming I have found you really do need to have some mounted guys as well. After all how is your hero/villain going to make good his getaway? 
These are by Wargames Foundry. I have done at a bit of minor work to the mounted version soldering on some reins, needed particularly as the left hand would just have been grabbing air, so he is unique to you as well.
Its almost western tradition to have the Mexican as mad or "loco". But hmm Peckinpah..OK , lets call him "Alfredo - loco - Garcia" ... now when you fight with him you get to say the  line  "bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia"...
He will be heading across the pond shortly.
Lovely work Dave and thank you! The ponchos and custom modified reins are brilliant while the dual figure combo is class all the way. Alfredo Garcia, deluxe with both his head and horse, will give Dave 35 points. 

Brilliant and thanks again Dave!

JamesL: 28mm WWII German 105mm Artillery Piece (30 points)

James sends in his first non theme round entry with this excellent German artillery piece and crew.

From JamesL: 

This is a 105mm Arty piece for my Late War German Bolt Action army. 

Short and sweet James. I quite like the oblong base shape you've used for the gun and crew. I'm warming to the use of quasi 'organic' or curved shapes for my bases as I like the look they give on the tabletop.

This gun and crew will give James 30 points. Well done!