Monday, September 7, 2020

Denizens of Blackstone Fortress from the Core Box

 Hi All,

As I've been banging on about the heroes of Blackstone Fortress, I thought it fair to feature some of the denizens who creep its halls and vaults.

This group is what you receive in Blackstone Fortress' core box set. Similar to the protagonists, I kept myself to a fairly rigorous timeline to get them on the table, so the paintwork was fast and furious.

Traitor Guardsmen

I really like these figures as they're so varied and characterful. I decided to use fairly punchy colours for their armour in order to make them easy to identify on the tabletop. I did one group in yellow, and, in honour of Barks' Pinkstone Fortress motif, another squad in lurid Pepto-Bismol pink. Fun!


I liked how other painters have done the Ur-Guls' claws in spooky contrasting tones, so I gave it a whirl as well. The well-defined musculature on these guys make a great surface for using GW's Contrast paints. Nasty little blighters in the game.

Spindle Drones

I sorta see these as the white blood cells of the Fortress, being as they are indigenous to the station and come out when things need 'attending to'. Sort of like a malicious version of Google Home.  As such, I kept them sorta techie and simple.


My first fantasy army was Beastmen so I'm rather fond of these guys. 


Rogue Psykers

A little incongruous with the ball and chain thing. Do they always have these on? Why? I would have preferred them just floating using those clear acrylic flying pegs. Nonetheless, I still like how these look overall.

Negavolt Cultists

These guys are a bit of a howl. Sort of a S&M version of your power utility guy. Armed with 'Electro Goads'. Yeeash. Sounds nasty.

Obsideous Mallex & Chaos Space Marines

When I was working on these figures I realized that, after all these years of collecting GW stuff, these are the first Chaos Marines I've ever painted. How'd that happen? No matter, I quite enjoyed working on them. Kept the colour pallet fairly stripped-down and simple. 

And to lead all these miscreants is our main villain, the top dog, the head honcho. AND queue the ridiculous villain name: 'Obsideous Mallex'. Really? This guy sounds like he was a wash-out from a Sith Lord  training camp. Why can't these guys be called something like 'Norm' or 'Bill'? I think it would be quite menacing to face off against a huge chaos marine named Jeremy. 

So there you have it, a nice mob of baddies to mess with our intrepid heroes. 

Hmm, speaking of which. Next up: More Heroes for Blackstone Fortress - Weee!

Have a great week everyone!