Tuesday, February 26, 2013

From ChrisP: 28mm ACW Federal Infantry & Artillery (235 points)

From Chis:
First up is three units of ACW infantry. Sadly for my points total (or perhaps gladly for everyone else) two of these units were started before the competition, I still went to the effort to finish them because I really wanted to get them off my painting table! The models are just basic Perry Plastics, these three units will get flags in the future, once I figure out what unit they are going to represent! Likely they will be the 95th New York, 147th New York and the 56th Pennsylvanian, which when I paint up another unit, will mean I have painted the whole Second Brigade, from the 1st Division of the 1st Corps.  
Naturally, there needs to be some elder statesman on a horse directing things, so my General is suitable bearded, reading some sort of notice about something going on. Perhaps a rise in beard taxes? Who knows.
Lastly there is three units of Union artillery, of varying calibres, but all looking super swish in their blue uniforms with red trim. These guys were a bit of fun to paint to give me a change of scence, although they still are in regulation Union blue.

So, just 27 Infantry, 3 Guns and 1 Horseman. I have plenty more Union to paint, but I think I will paint something different for a little while - something not blue. Perhaps red? Not yellow, I don't like yellow. Perhaps a big green thing?
Is that a clue? Or a sign that the last few marbles I had have finally rolled under the refrigerator.....

'Just' 27 infantry, 3 guns and 1 horseman, Chris? You must be slipping... Seriously, yikes, that is an impressive amount of work! But hey, where are the colours for the infantry? Already snatched away by the Rebs I expect. For shame!  ;P

This passel of Bluebellies will give Chris an impressive 235 points, allowing him to close in on his 3K target...