Sunday, May 5, 2013

Entry #4 to the Lead Painters' League: 'A Daughter of the Emperor' Old Guard 12lb Gun & Crew

I thought I'd go back to Napoleonics for my 4th entry to the League. This time I've submitted a  French 12lb gun served by its crew of Old Guard artillerists kitted out in their campaign uniforms.

These are 28mm Perry castings which I've mounted on a thin steel base. Similar to some of my existing field artillery I have used texture gel and some clumped flock to simulate mud and turf sticking to the wheels along with gouges in the terrain indicating the successive recoil and running up of the gun.

Please check out this round's entries from the League and cast your votes. It's always interesting to see what the other painters have submitted and how the judges have matched us up.

For the 5th round, which will be the contest's halfway mark, the League organizers will be awarding extra points if we can submit a group depicting combatants from a 'historical civil war'. My entry is still in progress but I hope to have it completed for the deadline (fingers crossed).