Wednesday, January 18, 2012

From TimB: 28mm Norman Crossbowmen (50 points)

These very fine Norman crossbowmen come from Tim who is back to painting after being away working on other related projects.

These castings are from the excellent 28mm Crusader Miniatures range.

These are the vanguard of what will be more Normans to come so stay tuned. These lads will give Tim 50 points to add to his total.  Nice work!

From ChrisP: 28mm WWII Americans in Winter Gear (40 points)

Chris sends in this very nice group of eight World War Two American infantry in winter greatcoats.

This was an impulse buy for Chris but he says he had a great time painting them up. He especially liked how the medic turned out.

These are 28mm Artizan figures.

Chris used 'snow' flakes from Gale Force 9 for the bases. It looks good, but Gale Force has a Hollywood perception of snow - it doesn't look fluffy like that. Believe me, I've shoveled tons of the stuff. Its smooth and typically hard packed - like cake icing. It looks like this (taken of my backyard today, -42 with wind chill):

The finer nuances of snow aside (how can you tell this is currently on my mind?), this group will give Chris a nice and tidy 40 points. Great job, Chris!

From FranL: 15mm 'Dictator, Israelis, Jeeps and Mercedes' (160 points)

The headline of this post sounds like a song title with a bit of attitude... 

With these forty Israelis, casualties, soft vehicles and dictator Fran thought he might be pushing the envelope a nudge with its 'historical' component but I'm more than willing to have it as an entry as I think we've seen variations of this 'theme' for the past 30 or so years.

These are 15mm Peter Pig models from their 'AK47' range.

Fran had to cut down several figures to get them to fit properly in the jeeps. Well done, they look very good.

The gold merc is a nice touch...

With this group I'm awarding Fran with 160 points. I understand he will be following-up with more on a similar theme in the future.

From DaveD: 28mm Mahdist Camel Riders (50 points)

Now for something completely different, Dave sends in a group of Mahdist camel riders.

These are older 28mm Connoisseur figures. I love the animation of the camel figures, especially the one taking a bit of a tumble.

Dave tells me that these are but a start of what ultimately will be a 150+ horde of camel riders. Wow, that will look incredible all en mass! 

'On to Damascus!'