Thursday, February 20, 2014

From ChristopherS: 28mm AWI American Infantry 'The Maryland 400' (80 points)

From Christopher:
Busy days, but managed to Add more to my 28mm AWI collection with the 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment (16 figures).
It's a regiment I've long wanted to do as they were a very active regiment that fought in both the Northern and Southern campaign's that earned them the nick name "The Maryland 400" for holding off 2000 British at Long Island by charging a half a dozen times to allow their parent brigade to escape an entrapment before withdrawing themselves. Plus others will remember them for their stubborn stand at Guilford Courthouse. In terms of the American army I would for sure consider them as an elite formation.

I painted them in the regulation Continual army uniform of blue coats with red turnbacks with a few extra change in clothing and equipment to take the edge off uniformity as I believe Americans units were rarely if ever perfectly turned out, but still kept enough uniformity to distinguish them from militia.

The figures are from Perry and Foundry (early Perry) with a GMB flag which I particularly really like. If you like AWI then stay tuned to this channel as I have more AWI planned.

Simply stunning work Christopher. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the AWI but seeing a unit finished like this makes me truly waver. I really like the subtle mix of uniformed troops alongside those with civilian clothing. As you say it really gives this unit a great sense of character, of the men being composed of citizen soldiers. 

This wonderful regiment of renegades, er, I mean 'patriots' will give Christopher 80 points. Again, marvellous work.

From PaulS: 40K - Severin Loth of the Red Scorpions (5 points)

From Paul:
Here's the next one. It's a small update, but it's a nice one. In the dim distant past I had a Red Scorpion space marine army, back when they were the Forge World poster boys. Shortly after the Badab War books came out, I'd become bored of painting power armour, so sold them, keeping one or two unpainted bits and Sevrin Loth. 

I'd originally started painting him up, but recently decided to start again. Same colours, but much neater... this time I actually managed to finish him. It feels nice to finally have him done, especially now I can add him to the Ally pool for my Guard. Somehow I doubt I'll be looking at painting too much more power armour in the future...
Great work Paul! I've typically found that the Forge World designers do a better job of reflecting the 40K universe than GW itself. They seem to keep stuff more grounded and not so overwrought with extra skulls, spikes, etc. You've done a wonderful job on this fella. I particularly like the fine detail with the scorpion insignia and other iconography. I also like the book mounted over his head, 'Return your tomes to the Librarium on time or you'll be sent into the Eye of Terror...'

Severin Loth will give Paul 5 points to add to his tally. 

From BrendonW: Dystopian Wars Japanese Robots, Destroyers and Cruisers (25 points)

From Brendon:
I continue to be inspired by the Challenge to remain productive. After sighting some new models I haven't seen before I was inspired to get some more Dystopian toys. Turns out might be some renewed interest at my club as well. So might get a few games in after not playing for possibly over a year.
Spartan Games Resins for Dystopian Wars. There is something about these clean CAD designed models that makes them a delight to collect and paint. Odd ball designs that are at the same time familiar but twisted. No assembly required on these Empire of the Blazing Sun naval vessels nor do I need to do any basing. This does speed things a little but the detail they manage to get on them is amazing.
In this pack of vessels from a time that never was we have some chemical flame throwing brass colored Zarigani Class Small Robots. I gave them two coats of acrylic Gloss to give them a wet look.
Three small rocket delivering Yurgi Class Destroyers.
Three bigger Arashi Class Support Cruisers with forward shooting rotary Rocket systems. Will these incendiary rockets bring hot fiery death to this fleets enemy's? With my playing skill unlikely. Cheers all.

Excellent stuff Brendon. I really like the Dystopian Wars 'universe' and as you say, the quality of their products are superb. I'm a big fan of the look of the Japanese fleet - it has this great 1920s art deco esthetic about it, with many their ships seeming like sea-going locomotives. I've not seen these Arashi Support Cruisers before (are they relatively new?). Those rocket pods look quite formidable.

These fresh additions to the Empire of the Blazing Sun will give Brandon 25 points.

From DallasE: 15mm Egyptian PT-76 (6 points)

From Dallas:
The model is a Battlefront PT-76 from their Vietnam/Arab-Israeli line. 

It's painted in mostly GW colours with some Vallejo. I used a "chipping" weathering method - using a bit of old sponge from a blister pack to dab on GW Mechanicus Standard Grey around wear areas. I might have overdone it a bit but I like the effect.

Nice work Dallas! The camo looks great and I really like the weathering as well. As I know both you are Greg are quite keen on your Six Day War project I'm sure we'll see more United Arab Republic stuff from you in the coming weeks.

This PT-76 will give Dallas 6 points.