Sunday, September 27, 2020

Third Set of Heroes for Blackstone Fortress:

 Hi All,

As promised, here are two additional heroes for Blackstone Fortress, Neyam Shai Murad, a Rogue Trader and her Crusader colleague, Godfret de Montbard.

These two come from the Ascension expansion which is well worth its cost as it has a huge amount of excellent content for the game.

Neyam is essentially a badass gunslinger, who sports a brace of enormous 'Negotiator Pistols'. Yup, a bit mental. She's my primary go-to character when I'm not playing the Bad Guys - great fun. 

The model has such wonderful character. I particularly like her bladed peg-leg and the two floating servo-skulls (one helping to spot targets and the other to reload her pistol).

Godfret is our main 'tank' in the game. He's basically designed to taunt enemies and take the resulting punishment. A true meat-shield. Peter's been having a load of fun with him, holding chokepoints while the party scampers around, trying to achieve the missions' objectives. 

After the astonishing battering he took during his first few games I decided to paint the oath marker on his shield with 'Nope' as it pretty much sums up the result of most incoming attacks.

Next up: A Hobby Studio Update!