Wednesday, January 18, 2023

'Sukiyaki the Inscrutable'

Here's a classic for you. 'Sukiyaki The Inscrutable', a Games Workshop chaos warrior, first released waay, waaay back in 1985, and then advertised in White Dwarf 81, September 1986.

I've done him as a Japanese demon, an Oni, or at least a flamboyant multi-chromatic one! As a bit of fun, I indulged myself with portions of his lacquered armour, using some riotous shades from Greenstuff World's 'Colourshift Paints'. After that, I thought a bone breastplate, helmet and sword would be suitably creepy, and provide a counterpoint to the rest of his flashy kit.

'Sukiyaki' is a gift to my good pal, Sidney Roundwood, who is madly working on his to-be-released samurai skirmish rules (which we've already been treated to a tantalising preview). I know Sid has a great affection for Aly Morrison's early Samurai models, so I thought he might enjoy 'Sukiyaki' capering around, causing mischief in some future game.

- Curt