Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Close of Our European Tour

Well, we're finally back. It's been almost six weeks since we started our vacation. It was a fabulous trip, visiting beautiful locations in the UK, France and Spain while spending time with many wonderful folk along the way. While it was a terrific spring break, I must say we're happy to be back and settling into our regular routine - and for me to getting reacquainted my hobby desk. 

It would be churlish of me not to share a few photos of our adventures so here are some selected snaps of our time abroad.

First up is our stay in the UK, enjoying the generous hospitality of Sidney Roundwood and venturing to Newark to see the National Civil War Centre and taking in the Partizan wargames show. 

Sidney Roundwood (of the famed 'Roundwood's World') as a Roundhead at the National Civil War Centre, Newark
Perry twins and Alessio Cavatore playing Bolt Action at Partizan

The curtain wall of Herford Castle - Elizabeth I stayed at the castle during her youth.

Next was a few days in Paris to catch up with friends and take in a few exhibitions.

1936 Popular Front photographic exhibit at the Hotel de Ville, Paris
Rene Magritte's interpretation of Napoleon's death mask, at Les Invalides, Paris.
Memorial to Marshal Ney near to where he was executed at the Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.

Then we set up camp near Avignon in the south of France for a few weeks, enjoying the weather, the food, drink and beautiful attractions of the region.

Entrance to the Papal Palace at Avignon, France.
Roman triumphal arch at Orange, France.

Roman gladatorial arena at Nimes, France. Amazing.
Me with original examples of 16th C 'handbuchse' siege muskets at the Musee de L'Emperi, Salon de Provence.
Captured Austrian colours at Musee de L'Emperi, Salone de Provence
Marshal Davout's dress uniform, bicorne and baton at the Musee de L'Emperi. (Yeah, whoa... I think I may have pee'd a little when I saw this.)
Jaimie, Sarah, Alice, Phil (aka 'Phillion' of 'Diary of a Gaming Magpie) and myself enjoying lunch in Villeneuve-les-Avignon

After Avignon we headed off to Malaga for a week to bask in the Andalusian sun and see the sights.

Alcazaba, the 11th century Moorish citadel in Malaga, Spain
'Paseo de Canadienses' honouring the humanitarian efforts of Dr. Norman Bethune who aided the civilians of Malaga during their horrific pursuit from the city, February 1937.

Our final week was spent in Madrid. Here we enjoyed the local tapas, churros con chocolate and cerveza.  I also met up with Benito (Anibal Invicus) and Alf (Barrage Miniatures) who were fabulous hosts. I even managed to take in a game with the guys at Club Dragon which was very impressive.

Alberto, Julio, Juanjo and Benito playing 'Sharp Practice' at Club Dragon, Madrid.

The above photos only scratch the surface of the mischief we got into, but it gives you a hint of the fun we had. Tomorrow I'll be back to work, well-rested and ready for a another stretch in the trenches, which I guess is what vacations are all about. It also means that I'll be getting back to my hobby desk, so I hope to be able to mark some progress on my various projects in the coming weeks. See you soon!