Monday, August 28, 2017

Epic 30K Mechanicum Ordinatus Sagittar and Ulator (or, 'For heaven's sake man, speak English!')

One of the many cool things about Epic 30K/40K is that you can field groups of models that would normally be grossly be out-of-scale, if not entirely out-of-budget in 28mm. 

In Epic's 1/300 scale, one can have squadrons of huge super-heavy tanks, detachments of hulking siege automata and of course entire maniples of the enormous god-machine Titans, and all with a tabletop relationship between formations that meshes wonderfully, providing a terrific looking game. As an added bonus, a collector can indulge in a wide assortment of tiny 'ginormous' vehicles without taking out a second mortgage or having to find a family lawyer. 

Accordingly, here are two additions to my Epic 30K Mechanicum force, a pair of Ordinatus super-heavy weapons platforms: the Sagittar, armed with the shyly named Volcano Cannon and the Ulator sporting a 'it goes to 11' Sonic Destructor.  Suitably silly, but tremendous good fun.

My good friend Greg likes to call these 'compensator cannons' due to the ridiculous size of their armament, and so, along the same vein, I've named them 'Peter' and 'Ron'. :o)

As you can imagine, the game effect of these weapons is pretty ridiculous. Basically when these things power-up, the lights in the surrounding planetary sector dim and the gunners prepare to be swapped out for a fresh crew that has functioning vision and hearing. 

The funny thing is that these two are the SMALLER class of Ordinatus(!), with the REALLY big ones being kept in reserve when things get 'a little more serious' (like an impending Imperial audit, or something). Yes, like I said, it's kinda silly.

To give you a sense of the scale of these fellas, in this last image you see both Ordinatus next to a Krios Venator tank and a group of human-sized tech-thralls. Compensator Cannons indeed.

Next Up: A few lads from the Spanish Civil War