Monday, January 7, 2013

From JamesB: 25mm ECW Scottish Lancers (120 points)

From James:

I think this unit is a prime example of what the Winter challenge is all about, these 12 ECW Scottish Lancers from Foundry have sat at the back of my lead pile for almost 18 months. 

Just a simple quick paint job, these belong to my sister's Father-in-law who Dad and I have converted from a keen Civil War historian to a Wargamer.
A beautiful unit of cavalry James and I'm happy the Challenge has helped bring them out of your lead reserve to the light of day. These older Foundry models, while on smaller side of current offerings, are still very nice castings.

This unit of Scots will give James 120 points. Great job!

NicolasC: 28mm Russian Folkhero Ilya Mouromets (11 points)

From Nicolas:
Here is my first entry to the painting challenge. I was back from vacation this week-end and managed to get this done on sunday. I really wanted to start with this figure since I like the way it is looking forward for the nice things to happen in 2013.
This horseman is nothing less than the famous Ilya Mouromets probably the most well known hero of the russian folklore. Ilya was born neer the city of Mourom, he could not move his legs until the age of 30, but he was then gifted with tremendous strength. When the ruler of Kiev heard about this, he called him to its court and made him a knight defender of the faith. During a life of prowess Ilya eventually defeated an army of Tartar besieging the city of Tchernigov, freed the forest of Kiev from the deadly whistling of a monster, met the witch Baba Yaga two times and survived, chopped all twelve heads of a dragon, got reed of a giant...
The figure is from a russian manufacturer called Plastic Miniatures. I came across it a little by chance but felt at once that I had to have it. The quality of the mould was beyond expectation, and I had only but a few to do to prepare it. It is just sad that the manufacturer doesn't offer a full range of medieval russian figures of this standard.
The sculpts actually depicts Ilya Mouromets as he appears in a famous painting from Viktor Vasnetsov called The Bogatyrs. Thus, I decided to get him painted the same way he appears on the canvas. I only took a few liberty with the shield. For the first time I have been using only Army Painters colors and I must they are really great.
Wargaming wise, I think this beautiful horseman will make a convincing byzantine mercenarie for my First Crusade Project, the kind of Kievan or Kuman warrior that guided (or harassed) the armies of the Franks on their way to Constantinople.
Ilya is the first in a serie of three Bogatyrs, so expect to see the others very soon.
I dunno Nicolas. Sure, this Ilya guy sounds pretty cool but when it comes to Russian folk heros nobody can match Vladimir Putin. Cripes the dude hang-glides with Siberian cranes, shoots rifles bare chested and seemingly can't take a bath in a shallow tub without emerging with a Greek artifact! Now, how cool is that? ;o)

Mr. Mouromets will give Nicolas a base of 10 points but I think I'll add another for his groovy shield and scabbard (and to placate his publicist). 

From SteveM: 15mm WWII German Panzers & Ronin #44 (80 points)

From Steve:
A Wargames Factory 28mm samurai. My first samurai painted ever and first time ever even thinking about painting one. Umm. I watched "The Last Samurai" a few years back and am starting learn more about this era because of the contest.

A Flames of War Bergepanther Recovery vehicle. These were important vehicles during WWII, being able to tow even the largest German tanks when called upon.

Flames of War Tiger platoon (see above). This is from the box set of five Tiger 1E tanks. A very important part of the German army. It has a 8.8cm KwK36 gun and was much feared by the allies. I think I remember seeing a stand-in double for the tank during the "The Battle of the Bulge" movie.

A Flames of War Panther A platoon of three tanks.

Excellent job on these German 'cats' and I love the Samurai as well - thanks! For the tanks I'm assuming you used an airbrush for the camouflage? The effect looks great with the weathering and stowage.

Ronin #44 and these tanks will give Steve a base of 74 points but I'm going to tack on another 6 for the detailing/weathering on the vehicles. 80 points even. Very nice work!

From SidneyR: 28mm Great War Germans and French Casualties (85 points)

From Sidney:
I’ve been really enjoying watching the entries arrive in the Challenge, there are some super-fast quality painters out there!
Here’s a 1918-vintage polygot selection of German Stosstruppen with MP18 Bergmann sub-machine guns, a German sniper, a couple of German Mauser Tankgewehr M1918 13.2mm anti-tank rifles and part of a “ditched” crew of an A7V tank, all in 25/28mm. They’re some of the “odds and ends” I’ve had around which I just wanted to get done before the main event. Think of them as a canap√© with light champagne before the French arrive proper!
I played around with a couple of things here. The green-stuff German camouflage cloak on the spotter for the double-based anti-tank rifle is improvised, but not completely unrealistic I hope. The camouflage cape on the sniper matches the terrain colours of our gaming boards and the improvised painted-on camouflage on German helmets in 1918.

The German tank crew figures are from Old Glory. This is the only manufacturer (to my knowledge) making German tank crews with their distinctive overalls. They’re OK sculpts, painted up very easily, and the officer has some super facial details. As many of the A7V tank crews transferred from other units, I’ve painted him in the uniform of a J√§gerSturmBataillon officer in some rather jazzy regimentals.

Et les Francais? Ah, well, I wanted to test Horizon Bleu on a couple of casualty figures first – mixing Vallejo Neutral Gray with Vallejo Mirage Blue seems to give a reasonable result, adding black and white to shade and highlight. So there are a couple of fallen Poilu on the bases as well, each scratch-built from a generic casualty figure. Let me know what you think to the colour!
So, 15 figures (if I count the casualties), and started after 20 December 2012. I’m off the mark at last, thank goodness!!
Amazing work Sidney! I've always loved your Great War stuff and these certainly don't disappoint. The over-saturated colours are fabulous and I really like the little touches like the sniper cape for the spotter, the fallen masonry and the wine bottles next to the Poilu (at least he died happy?).  These troops will give Sidney a base of 70 points  (half points for prone figures) but I'm adding another 15 for his custom groundwork, conversion and excellent vignettes.

From RayR: 15mm Grand Alliance Cavalry (52 points)

Ray sends in this excellent unit of English cavalry to add to his Grand Alliance / Nine Years War collection.

From Ray:
Here's my 2nd entry into the challenge. 2 Squadrons of Sir John Lanier's Horse or The Queens regt of Horse.
Later they were known as the 1st The King's Dragoon Guards. They were present at both The Boyne and Aughrim in Ireland, then tranferred to Flanders where their commander was killed at the Battle of Steenkirke in 1692. 
The figures are from Essex Miniatures, bases from Warbases and flags by my good self!! 

Wonderful work Ray. This is such a colourful unit and your flags are brill as usual. (What is the chap, second from the right, doing? Falling wounded? Making sure his zipper is up?) Also, when are you and Richard putting on your next game in this period? With your collection as it stands you must be able to put on a fairly large sized engagement now.

This regiment of cavalry will give Ray a base of 48 points but I'm adding another 4 for the banners, so 52 total. Well done!

From MilesR: 28mm ACW Confederate Regiment, German Hanomag & USS Ironsides (147 points)

From Miles:
I have a bit of an eclectic mix of submissions for the competition.
First off is my second 24 figure Confederate Infantry regiment - the 15th Alabama from Law's Brigade at Gettysburg (hmm the second unit from that battle, I wonder is that's a hint on my next big project…) 
Like the first unit, these are the new 28mm Perry plastic Confederate Infantry and I can not recommend the figs enough - they are a real pleasure to paint.

Next is a 28mm German Halftrack from Warlord games that I'll use with my Bolt Action armies - I need to start painting the German Infantry.

Lastly there is a 1/600 scale ironclad, the USS Ironsides.  This model is produced by Thoroughbred Figures who make a great range of 1/600 ACW Ironclads

A super mix of toys Miles. I have a few of the Thoroughbred models and I found that they were really fun to work with. What rules do you use with these?  I think that last time we played we used 'Smoke on the Water' (which is such an awesome title for a set of riverine rules).

This varied collection of miniatures will give Miles 147 points.