Wednesday, August 2, 2023

First Units for my 10mm Warhammer Goblin Army

The Isle of Mist and Flame is home to numerous indigenous races. Some are fairly benign, while others are openly hostile, throwing spanners into the players' plans for conquest. Of the latter group, there are several tribes of Goblins who, along with their allies, occupy the forests, hills and mountains of the island. In campaign terms, the Goblins are not player-controlled, but rather run by the GM (me!) to sow a bit of mischief and chaos amongst the players.

So here are my first efforts in building a greenskin horde. 

Night Goblins!

I figure that if one is doing-up Goblins you need to have scad and scads of the pesky little blighters. With this in mind, I thought I'd break the duck by creating a big mob of Night Goblins in all their ball-n-chain, pointy-hat, drug-addled splendour. 

For an additional bit of fun, I have them being chivied along by some pals who are riding giant, carnivorous Squigs, as one does in these situations.

Here are the beginnings of a wolf rider force. Ultimately I want four of these units, which shouldn't be too tall of an order as they paint-up really fast. They'll be partnered up with Spider Riders, which should be fun, but more on that later.

I had my buddy Byron cut these slightly thinner, wavy-fronted bases to easily identify 'light' units on the tabletop.

I saw this groovy forest giant on MyMinFactory and thought he would be a nice addition to the force.

I like how stooped and wonderfully dolorous he is. I played around with the trees on his back and the base for a bit of fun.

Finally, I have a Goblin camp with watchtower. To the Strongest asks for each side to have a camp for their force. I found a few different files on MyMiniFactory and bodged this together.

I figured I can swap out the tower and replace it with a temple or shrine if needs be.

I like how rickety the tower is. I figure Goblins aren't big on Operational Health and Safety issues...

So there you have the start of my goblin force for Monsters & Magic. I'm working on several more units as I write this so hopefully I'll have some more progress to show soon.

Thanks for popping in for a look!

- Curt