Thursday, January 30, 2014

From ByronM: 28mm WWI Canadian Infantry (45 points)

Byron returns to his Great War project with this excellent section of Canadian infantry.

From Byron:
Hello again, here is another submission, moving right along on my Great War stuff
After deviating once again from my Great War project, this time to the far future of the 40k universe, I am returning the the fateful days of 1915 when the brave Canadians entered the war.
This section is another towards the composition of the Canadian 10th Battalion.  These figures are from my personal favourite WW1 manufacturer: Musketeer Miniatures.  While I know there are many other great mini companies out there, so far I have personally had the best luck with Musketeer, as the figures arrived almost completely free of mold lines, have crisp detail, great facial detail, and awesome packs and rifles.  
Don’t get me wrong, I like the renegade miniatures I have, I just wish they were a little smaller and less beefy, and I love the Great War miniatures company ones, other than their lack of facial detail.  Musketeer though, offers great detailed figs at a really reasonable price, about $10cnd for 4 figs!  When your used to paying GW pricing of $10-$20 per figure, that’s down right cheap! 
Anyway, the British themselves painted up really easily and quickly.  Not 100% sold on the faces as I ran out of my favourite skin tone and wash!!!  And since they were the GW colours from 3 generations ago…  I need to find something new and haven’t gotten it right yet.  I have all the vallejo’s and use them for almost everything else, but the flesh and flesh wash was my last true hold out from GW paint lines…..  That and, yes I know the packs are too dark for historical accuracy, sorry.  I realized that after I did the other section of 10th Battalion troops I did, and corrected it on my 16th Battalion troops, but then decided to leave the 10th with dark packs and the 16th with light so that they are easier to spot the difference between them at a distance (ok, lame excuse since the 16th is in kilts with glengarries but I’m sticking with that argument)

Also included is the card I made up for them for 'Through the Mud and the Blood'.

Beautiful work Byron. I feel your pain regarding using the last pot of a discontinued colour. I'm still desperately missing GW's Bubonic Brown and Devlan Mud (or perhaps it's just the smell of Devlan Mud I miss). I also agree that Musketeer Miniatures produces some of the best 28mm Great War models on the market today. I just wish the range had a little more breadth, but I know these things take time to develop.

This section of Canuck infantry will give Byron 45 points. I look forward to hearing of their debut with the Fawcett Avenue gang in the next week or so.

From BenD: 15mm WWII Russian Sturmovik & Lend Lease Sherman and Stuart Tanks (128 points)

Hello All
I have finally got around to painting the Stuarts I have been talking about for a while now and have seemingly done everything in my power not to paint! At the same time I also painted up the Sturmovik I also need for the event and a company of Sherman 76mm for a future Lend Lease only force inspired by Steve's one.
The Stuarts are from the Plastic Soldier Company and are technically the wrong model, but they were the only Stuarts I could get my hands on in time for the event and the difference is only the turret. Also the way I look at it is a Stuarts a Stuart, as long as I don't use the same model for both types of Stuart it shouldn't be confusing. Also I loved the model so much when I did my US versions I wanted to build and paint them again.
The Shermans are also from The Plastic Soldier Company and were a lot of fun to build and paint. I did a small swap on them and used some spare Battlefront .50cals I had instead of the ones that came in the box as they are very flimsy.
And finally the Sturmovik, this is the Battlefront version very kindly given to me by Cid. It was quite fun to paint but I did have a lot of trouble were the under camo joins the top camo on the wings. Game wise I have found this to be a waste of points and it will be dropped as soon as I get my hands on some Heavy Mortars and M17 Anti Air, but I don't have the time to buy the models and to paint them up before the event.
Well thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed the post.
Really beautiful work Ben. I've always had a soft spot for Stuarts (must have been 'The Haunted Tank' comic books of my youth) and its great to see them being put to good use by the heroes of the Soviet Socialist Republics. 

These Shermans, Stuarts and the Sturmovik will give Ben 128 points. I hope they do well for you in your upcoming event!

From SebG: 15mm ACW Union Artillery 'The West Point Battery' (30 points)

Seb continues to tear along with his ACW project with his fine battery of Union guns.

From Seb:
Following my previous entries, I've now added some heavy support for my Union brigade, with a battery of three guns. As usual, they're from Old Glory and were a joy to paint. You have 2 10" rifled parrots, and 1 Napoleon. They're supposed to represent the 5th United States Artillery, Company D, aka "the West point battery", under Cpt Charles Griffin, whom you can see observing the enemy positions with his binoculars. This chap is interesting, since he fought during the Mexican war, taught at West point, then was promoted to lead a brigade, and finally the V. Corps at the end of the war. Worthy of a hero. But all in good time. 
They're not the right guns to represent the unit at Bull Run, but it will be more practical for the rest of the war.

Now I need to finish my hero bonus entry.

Lovely work Seb. I like the fellow in his red shirtsleeves and the figure for Griffin looks great calling out orders as he ranges-in his battery.

These three guns and their crews will give Seb 30 points.

From DallasE: Warhammer 40K Ogryn (8 points)

From Dallas:
Here's my latest for the Challenge. It's a Games Workshop Ogyrn that I picked up second-hand in a mixed bag of models. 
Unfortunately, he didn't come with a head... but I'd had other plans for him anyway. 
I have started a Traitor Guard army with all gas-masked troops, and he'd fit right in with a bit of conversion. 
I superglued a wooden bead in place of his head, then sculpted the gasmask with greenstuff. His camouflage pants match the scheme of the rest of the army.

That bead=head modification turned out brilliant Dal. The gasmask sculpt is very well done - I thought it was stock to the figure when I first saw it - bravo!

This large nasty lad with his BFG will give Dallas 8 points. 

From FranL: 28mm F&IW French Regiment Languedoc & 15mm Modern British Platoon (143 points)

We can't have a Ray submission without one from Francis, and so like magic...
Here is is a 28mm FIW French "Languedoc" Regiment consisting of 12 figures from AW Miniatures for my Bloggers for Charity submission, a few issues with the figures but they should be alright once based in a unit (not allowed to base them as they are being based all in one go) with a nice flag!
The 5th,6th and last picture are of a 15mm modern British platoon with extras from Old Glory. 

Most of these figures came from my Secret Santa and should have some "Viking" vehicles to transport them soon.
Great work Fran! I must say it's kinda wild seeing you paint Horse & Musket figures - you've done a great job on them. Could these entice you into a new period perhaps? Of course your modern stuff is always top notch. I look forward to seeing the upcoming rides for these lads.

The Regiment Languedoc and this modern British infantry platoon will give Fran 143 points. Well done Mr. Lee!