Thursday, December 12, 2013

'There Will Be Grass Before Breakfast' * - Side Challenges and Painting Duels

*The old phrase, 'Grass before breakfast' simply meant that a duel would be fought at first light, usually in an out-of-the-way place like a meadow or field.
I've been having a great time following the blogs of many of the Challengers as they prepare for the Painting Challenge to start. It seems everyone is madly gathering, cleaning and priming figures, all the while exchanging healthy and boisterous banter. I've also taken note of various personal side challenges and the issuing of small painting duels. This is not completely new, as we've had them since the first Challenge, but they are becoming a little more structured and formalized which I find very entertaining. 

I can't get no...satisfaction.
With this in mind I thought it would be fun to list some of the upcoming duels that we'll be seeing played out over the next few months. The list below is just the opening gambit. The complete list will have its home on the right sidebar during the length of the Challenge and I will keep it updated as the event progresses.

So, here we go:

  • Curt has declared he will beat both ChristopherS and MartinN to the 500 point mark.
  • RayR, FranL, LeeH, ClintB, StefanK and DaveD will be dueling to  attain their 600 point target. The winner will get a painted figure from the others
  • AndrewS and KevH will be racing to their 1K targets.
  • MichaelA, StefanK, MarkG, AndrewS, Burkhard and IanW have declared that they will submit for each of the seven Theme Rounds.
  • JaccoK, MichaelF and RobP (aka ‘The Dutch Water-Bicycle Detachment’) are racing each other to the 501 mark.
  • TamsinP and IanW are competing for overall points.
  • AlanD, PaulJ and JamesL are racing to the 500 point mark.
  • Curt has challenged SidneyR to see who will meet their 700 point goal first. Whomever wins will receive a painted figure from the other to add to their Great War collection.
  • PhilH, GregB and MichaelA are competing to see who can accumulate the most points in painting Victorian-themed entries.

There you have it - the first of the 'side challenges'. If any other participants wish to add to this collective March of Folly then please drop me a note.

'Sooo, remind me again, which is the shooty end....?'