Friday, February 26, 2021

Renaissance Foot Knights

I've based these to act as both skirmish figures, or as markers for our Renaissance games. In 'Furioso' there is a neat mechanic where opposing pike units can send out their Doppelsöldners/halberdiers/sword & bucklermen in advance to contest one another. Whoever wins the duel continues on to cause mayhem amongst the front ranks of the enemy pike formations. It's an abstract, but interesting way to reflect the doctrine of these close combat specialists.

The outrageous plumes were a lot of fun to paint. As Iain alluded to in one of his previous posts, these guys would fit right in on a Marti Gras float, or marching in a Gay Pride parade. :)

All five of these models are from Steel Fist Miniatures. They're wonderfully realized castings and a real joy to paint.

I dice slots are if they're being used to count wounds, and the flat side is for it to be set up flush against their parent unit.

I could be wrong, but I believe a few of these sculpts are modelled from suits of armour in the Wallace Collection in London. I've taken a few liberties in adding a little extra gilding to some of the plate to make them better 'pop' on the tabletop.

Next, a Sarah Bella sequel set.

- Curt