Friday, January 31, 2014

From ClintB: 10mm Mahdists & 20mm Arab Civilians (41 points)

From Clint: 
20mm Arab civilians and six more Mahdist stands again rifle armed. This has finished the rifle armed marhdits still a lot of melee armed Marhdists to go though so more I suspect next week. They are again 10mm figures from Pendraken. 

I was given these Arab civilians by Tim at IT Miniatures. Seven 20mm figures 3 adult males and a young lad and 2 adult ladies and a young girl. The Children and Ladies come in one pack and the gents come in  separate pack. As mentioned they were an unexpected gift and are for my Arab revolt game. Not sure they will get too much of an active part but more as moving scenery. 
Having taken on the feedback with regard to patches on the Jibbehs I have mostly kept them but have muted the colours. The result I am happier with than the brighter patches.
Great work Clint. I like that you kept some of the patchwork as it keeps the unit varied and interesting. My favourites though are the Arab civilians. I love the kids dashing about and again the bright colours really work nicely for this group.

The Mahdists and civilians will give Clint 41 points. Well done!

From KentG: 28mm Napoleonic French Artillery (120 points)

Kent switches from the Seven Years War back to Napoleonics with these wonderful French guns of the line.

From Kent:
Here we have four 28mm Front Rank French artillery and crew. Two are line foot and two are horse artillery. 

They were very nice to paint - slightly bigger than my Perry guns, but I quite like them. Sadly they don't get to stay at my place.

Lovely work Kent. I base my stuff on thin steel in order to have a low profile, but I must say I really do like the chunkiness of your bases - they give a great aesthetic.

These four guns and their crews will give Kent 120 points. Great Guns!

Napoleonic Cossack Cavalry and Sledge Gun (75 points)

Whoa, what a week. Am I ever pooped. I was really hoping to get this submission in by the end of last weekend but the 'Poll Bot Attack' hit the blog below the waterline and I was in damage control for much of Sunday and Monday. Then the workweek kicked off at a furious pace and I also needed to catch up on other folks' entries. Nonetheless, I now I have a bit of a breather before the Hero round so I'm thought I best sneak these in while I can.

Anyway, enough whining, right? Continuing with my 1812 Retreat diversion, I thought I'd get some more Cossacks done as I'd like to put on a small skirmish game with this stuff next month. So here are 4 mounted Cossacks, a light gun mounted on a snow sledge and a Cossack commander.

The cavalry are all Perry Miniatures, a mixture of Don and Ataman Cossacks. Later I plan to add some Moscow Opolchenie (militia) riders for a bit of variation to the mix (not to mention I love their whacky hats).

I've decided to give these Cossacks relatively uniform saddle blankets and lances to better tie them together as a unit. As per my usual MO I've mounted the officer on a hex base so players can better identify him on the tabletop. (Junior leaders will be on rectangular bases.) I ultimately want around 30 of these fellows (three 'troops' I 'spose) so this is going to be a bit of a slog as I'm complete crap at painting cavalry at any real speed. Nonetheless, when they get done they should look the business careening around the tabletop, creating mischief for the French.

Also included is a sledge-gun manned by a trio of Cossacks. This is a very nice little set from Kawe's Westfalia Miniatures. I kept it pretty grungy looking and dirtied up the muzzle with expended powder to give it that rough campaign look. I can easily envision many interesting scenarios with this as the focus.

I've also added a few pics which include the other three Cossacks that debuted with the French sledges. I thought I'd include them here, rolling out with their buddies, to give me some encouragement to get the next batch done.

This group of Cossacks will give me 75 points to add to my tally. 

With a bit of luck I might get one more submission in before the onslaught of the Hero round.