Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From MichaelF: 28mm Viking Warband (50 points)

Michael sends in this fabulous group of ten Viking warriors.

These are a mix of Crusader, Artizan and Gripping Beast 28mm castings. Shields are by LBMS.

Great trews on this chap!

 These ten will give Michael 50 points to add to his total.  Beautiful work, Mike!

from KentG: 28mm English Civil War Pike and Shot Regiments (250 points)

Kent sends in two (!) English Civil War foot regiments. All of the figures are the older 25mm Wargames Foundry models.

This green-coated regiment is Colonel Samuel Joseph's...

...while this unit in blue is Sir Arthur Heselrigges Regiment of Foote.

These 50 figures will give Kent 250 points. Such great quality at an amazing turn of speed - awesome work, Kent.

From TimB: 28mm Vikings, Scots & Dark Age Casualties (85 points)

Tim sends in this great batch of figures depicting Vikings, Scots light horsemen and a variety of Dark Age casualties.

There are a wide assortment of 28mm manufacturers on display here. The Scots horsemen are a mix of Gripping Beast and Old Glory, the Vikings are Old Glory and some very cool vintage Citadel miniatures. The casualties are Old Glory, or as Tim refers to them: 'Old Gory'.

Again, I really like the shields on all these guys. Very nice work.

...and these are suitably grisly...'Hey, has anyone seen my axe? Oh, right, its in your head...'

This group will net Tim a base of 85 points which I'll tap-up to 90 for the excellent shields and that great Scots' plaid cloak . This will move him up amongst the point leaders. Well done!