Monday, March 20, 2023

10mm Empire Artillery

Yes, it's me with yet another Empire entry, weee!! Today we have another support unit in the form of a battery of heavy artillery.

In the world of Warhammer, the army of the Empire is pretty much made up of regular baseline humans, so that means no troops with fancy inherent martial abilities, or huge scary monsters to fall back on. The regiments of the Empire must instead rely on iron discipline, a fatalistic faith in their cause, and lots of firepower. Lots and lots of firepower. Some of that firepower comes from the Steam Tanks, Volley Guns and Handgunners, but its the Empire's artillery park that are the long distance heavy hitters. Even an ancient dragon, a hulking giant, or a monstrous daemon is going to feel it if they get a direct hit from a 36 pounder. Guaranteed, it's gonna smart.

So, here is the first base of what will be several batteries of heavy guns for my Imperial force.

For the most part, this base is made up of old GW Warmaster castings, which I think still look great after all these years. Such fun to paint. 

I had fun with the base with the earth scorched dark by the fire of the guns.

While the gun and crew models are great, they are a bit bland just by themselves on the base. So I tarted them up by popping on an ammunition wagon, a 3D print from MinRat, and a tree from Thingiverse. 

And here is the collection to-date. Now, that's starting to look like a decent-sized detachment, or perhaps a wing of a larger army. Sure, there's more work to be done, but it's nice to see it beginning to come together.

Next we see some crossbowmen for the collection!

- Curt