Sunday, April 21, 2013

Entry #2 to the Lead Painters League: Greyscale French Poilu and Officer

I managed to pip a victory in the first round of the Lead Painters League with my Napoleonic  French battalion command stand (many thanks to all those who took time to vote) and today we head into the second match.

For this entry I've put forward a small squad of WWI French 'Poilu' dressed in their early-war uniforms. They are being led by a grizzled one-armed colonial veteran who is attended by his loyal trumpeter.

The infantry are from Great War Miniatures whereas the officer is from Artizan Design. I'm not sure how this entry will resonate with the voters as I realize my greyscale stuff is a bit esoteric and is probably a little narrow in its appeal. Nonetheless, it's nice to get another squad of Gauloises-smoking 'hairy ones' done and in the cabinet.

Again, please check out the League's 2nd round over at the Lead Painters Forum and place your votes for your favourites of the wide variety of subjects on display.