Sunday, May 12, 2013

Entry #5 to the Lead Painters' League: Spanish Civil War Moroccan Regulares

For the 5th match of the Lead Painters' League the organizers have asked for a submission depicting a unit from a 'historical civil war.' As I have quite a mess of Spanish Civil War castings waiting in the wings this seemed a fairly easy fit.

These figures depict a unit of Moroccan Regulares in their very distinctive uniforms. I hear you say, 'Moroccans in the Spanish Civil War?  How did that happen?' Well, many of the officers who initiated the coup were veteran colonial legionnaires, some of which were stationed in Spanish North Africa. Consequently many Moroccan troops were brought over from North Africa to the Spanish mainland  (with significant help from the German air force) in order to fight for the Nationalist cause. By all accounts they were ferocious fighters who gained the fear and grudging respect of the Republicans and played a pivotal role in the first few months of the war.

I find it quite ironic that Franco's military insurrection, which had a mandate to reinstate and protect the power of the Catholic Church, saw no problem at all in utilizing Muslim fighters to fight and subjugate their fellow Spaniards on Spanish soil. Reconquista indeed.

These are 28mm Empress Miniature castings. Like most of their other offerings in this range these are wonderful models to work with - well proportioned, great detail and not much for seam lines or flash. Highly recommended.

I encourage you to visit the Painters' League and check out the various entries.