Monday, August 29, 2016

28mm Napoleonic Spanish Guerrillas and (another) Mediterranean Cottage

Keeping in theme with last week's French Dragoons, here are some of their antagonists - a small group of Spanish Guerrillas, exhorted by their priest and being called-to-arms by their drummer boy. 

For the most part these figures are from Brigade Games' Napoleonic Spanish range, but I see in there at least one figure from the Perry's Carlists collection as well. (This range has several non-uniformed codes that fit very nicely for the Napoleonic period). The priest is an older figure from the collection but he needed a repaint after taking a nasty spill (falling from grace, so to speak).

With this group done I will give have around thirty figures for the entire force, enough for most skirmish scenarios, I think.

In addition, I've included the next building from my recent Grandmanner purchase. 

This cottage has a fairly simple square shape but it does have a nice walled veranda, which adds a bit of visual interest (and some welcome cover for skirmishers).

For this building I used a slightly lighter, more tan colour palette. The effect seems a little more rustic overall. I'm not entirely sure that one is better than the other, but this one was definitely faster to paint, which is a big plus to my way of thinking. 

Okay, just one more cottage to go from this series. To try to keep things interesting I think I'll change time periods for the last one. 

Thanks for dropping by everyone! See you soon.