Sunday, April 17, 2022

Dryads and a Tree Spirit


For the past few months I've been running a Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing campaign for our local group. This week one of the character's story arcs came to its conclusion, which involved a group of feral dryads and a vengeful tree spirit. Knowing the encounter was coming up soon, I took a look on MyMiniFactory for some suitable figures to use, and found these excellent models designed by 'The Dragon Trappers Lodge'. 

These are all finely detailed figures and quite delicate, but I reasoned that they only had to survive one play so gave it a go. :)  The Tree Spirit turned out to be a bit of a contentious print, with the head and arms refusing to resolve properly (probably more my fault than the figure's design). 

With time ticking down to our game session, I decided to try my hand with some light sculpting using green stuff and wire armatures. Due to the gnarled design of the model, and some bits I could repurpose, the sins of my 'sculpting' managed to bodge it all into something that I could work with.

With a few midnight oil painting sessions they were made ready for the game. Tabletop mayhem ensued, fun was had, so all-in-all a very happy outcome. Win!

Thanks for dropping in for a look!

- Curt