Thursday, March 10, 2016

My Tribute to Millsy - Russian Grenadier with Armoured Steam Trousers

A few years ago, a wag in the Challenge, for the life of me I can't recall who, began calling the price-of-admission figure the 'Curtgeld' (as a nod to the nasty Danegeld levied by the Vikings - the cheek!). The term stuck, and my painting cabinet has amassed a wondrous collection of Curtgeld over the years, a treasure which I jealously guard like Smaug over his hoard. 

As some may know, my free time this year has been restricted by work and so I've called in on friends to help me manage the Challenge. We've jokingly referred to them as 'Minions' but I know very well that I couldn't have pulled off the event without them. With this in mind I'm going to start a new tradition by providing a 'Tribute' to my Challenge compatriots in recognition and as thanks for their huge contribution in keeping this mad ride on the rails. Over these last two weeks of the Challenge I will be posting the Tributes, one by one. The 'Tributes' will be single figures of my choosing - I hope to fit the figure to the recipient.

The first Tribute is for my good friend Millsy, who is absolutely relentless in getting stuff done, both as an individual hobbyist, as a layout designer (e.g. Simon Miller's 'To the Strongest') and a magazine editor (the excellent 'Wargame Bloggers Quarterly'). His energy and skills seem boundless.

So Mr. Mills, to match your dogged determination and your affection of the Pulp genre, I present to you a grizzled Russian grenadier sporting a pair of armoured steam trousers. 

This 28mm figure is from Brigade Games, sculpted by Paul Hicks. I've added a smoke stack to the engine as it just seemed the 'sensible' thing to do.

Yes, you read that right boys and girls, 'steam trousers'. The British may have their leaky dreadnoughts, the Germans their fat and ungainly Zeppelins, but the Russia of the Czars will make a fearless grenadier out of anybody with their  armoured steam trousers. Just think, with these 'pants of victory' no officer has to worry about troops faltering in their advance. Say, you need to suicidally charge a distant line of artillery? No problem! With the steam trousers the pace of advance is locked-in and these devilish leggings will march your troops to glorious (if somewhat phyric) victory!

Steam Trousers - Let Science Give You A Kick in the Pants to Victory!

*Also available as jodhpurs, lederhosen and Tutus.  (Coal, chaffing powder and willing minion not included.)

I hope you like it Millsy!

Za zdorovje!