Friday, January 21, 2022

Moonstone Cultists - Gwendoline, Kavanagh, Brother Daniel and Loubard

Hi All!

I've completed a couple Moonstone characters recently, but I wanted to get an actual group of them done-up to enjoy in some upcoming games.

First up is Gwendoline, a Faerie priestess, allied to the Cultist faction. Hey, everyone loves a cultists, right? Well, I have four for you today, so lots of eldritch creepiness to go around.

Funny, I already have a decent sized troupe of faeries in my collection, but not one of them can heal. This is the problem with picking figures for their 'looks cool factor', without considering their actual capabilities on the tabletop. So, Gwendoline,  with her Rejuvenate spell, is a very welcome addition to the cultist faction. This will allow the little winged rascals to take some hits with some hope of getting healed. She also has a few other tricks up her sleeve, such as Scry and Ethereal Allure, which can subtly assist her allies as well.

I had a lot of fun working on her flowered hair and wings. 

She's a lovely, tremendously detailed figure, with a few tiny parts that had to be glued just-so. While working on her, muttering curses under my breath, I couldn't help but think that the relative complexity of some of these models may limit Moonstone as purely a boutique 'advanced hobbyist' game. I couldn't imagine being new to the hobby and having to work with some of these models, both in their assembly and painting. Certainly they are exquisite, but they're often very intricate and quite demanding. 

Next we have Loubard, a giant cultist with a big, freakin' censer for him to swing, wallop and entangle his opponents. 

This guy can be an absolute beast in combat, especially if he's paired up with spellcasters, like the Witches, who can jack-up his abilities and potentially trigger multiple attacks. Fun!

I love his expansive belly and oh-so delicate pinkies.

Then we have relatively diminutive Brother Daniel, a rather demented, but optimistic cultist cleric. 

He's a great support character, who's special abilities provide healing and additional movement for friendly models.

Daniel's figure is wonderfully whacky. I especially like his unabashed skipping, all the while holding his 'The End is Nigh!' placard. Such a wonderful weirdo.

Finally, we have Kavanagh, the rather nefarious Jongler cultist.

Again, another very characterful model. Rather a creepy little bugger, but I like him.

Kavanagh is a great disruption character, especially with his Juggling Fate and Butterfingers abilities.

I had an interesting painting challenge with him, trying to mimic creepy-clown-makeup TM, wanting just a trace of his underlying skin tone to peek through in a few spots. I decided to work from the base layer up, with a fully painted face that I varnished. I then held my breath as I mostly covered it with successive layers of thinned grey paint using light blotting, which removed in spots with spirits. This required a leap of faith from me as I was concerned I'd botch the job, but the effect came off alright, I think.


Thanks for dropping in for a look folks! Have a great day!

- Curt