Monday, July 25, 2016

28mm Landsknecht Arquebusiers

Finally. Another Italian Wars unit done - Hooray! I can't tell you how delighted I am to get these guys off my desk and into the cabinet.

The majority of these figures are from the venerable but excellent Wargames Foundy range, with the casualty figure sourced from Artizan Designs. A few slight mods but nothing too fancy. The banner is from Pete's Flags.

Like the other units in my Italian Wars collection, I've done the groundwork in an autumnal theme (dunno why, I guess I just liked the colours when I started). The whole group is mounted on a single irregular-edged base, one of several that I had the good folks over at Warbases do up for me. It's roughly 180mm x 60mm.

I have to say I find these guys to be a complete and utter slog to paint. What with their puff-and-slash sleeves, striped trousers, wacky feathered headgear, oh yeah, and lets not forget their exuberant and rather, ahem, 'optimistic' codpieces. I think the reason they got such a reputation as hard-asses is that everyone picked on them for dressing like complete gits.  

Oh well, they're finally done and now I can finally move on... more Landsknechts!!