Thursday, January 12, 2012

From PhilH: 28mm Ansar Tribesmen (75 points)

Phil sends in this great set of fifteen Ansar Tribesmen that he plans to use for Pulp-style gaming.

These are 28mm Perry plastic figures. Phil highly recommends them for being great sculpts, easy to put together and nice to paint.

Phil tried the painting guide on the Perry site for these which relies heavily on layered washes. I think they turned out great.

These fifteen figures will give Phil 75 points to add to his tally. Thanks for sending these in Phil!

from SteveM: 15mm Vietnam War US Air Cav, NVA & Howitzers (237 points)

Steve provides us with another entry which is a bit off the beaten path: Vietnam War US Air Cavalry,  Howitzers and North Vietnamese Army Regulars.

These are 15mm Battlefront miniatures that were featured in Wargames Illustrated a few years ago (the December 2009 issue, if I have it right).

I'll let Steve describe his project:

'They are based for use with 'Force on Force' to go with the LZ Bird North of An Khe December 26, 1966. The US forces in the firebase and the NVA coming out of the jungle. Part of the 12th Cavalry, C Company 2nd Battalion, had just celebrated Christmas and thought that the base was secure because of the heavy rains, swollen river, and the fact that the base was surround by the Kim Son River on three sides. The 22nd Regiment of the NVA did an all out assault on the base and these figs will recreate the battle as the US forces and the new beehive rounds fight them back.'

'The guns are 105mm howitzers by Battlefront from their WW2 line. For the color scheme of the staff, I was having trouble determining if the white/red scheme was still used in Vietnam or if just Olive Drab was used as most of the images I looked at had the staff removed. Since the staff is modelled on, I decided to just go with it instead of painting it out of sight.  The gun pits are being constructed per the Osprey Firebases book with ammo dumps so I used plain bases for most of the howitzers.'

Back when the earth was still cooling, I did my thesis on the Vietnam War so I find this all very interesting.  I quite like the work he did on the howitzer bases - very nice.

This group of 25 US and 30 NVA with 12 guns will give Steve an enviable 237 points.  Enough for him to bypass Ray and claim second place!

From RayR: 15mm 1904 Japanese Cavalry (144 points)

Building upon the theme of the infantry he sent in a few days ago, Ray has here two units of Japanese cavalry from the Russo-Japanese War.

This first group of three pics is of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. While the last trio are of the 1st Regiment.

These are all 15mm Old Glory castings.

Very sharp units. I really like the groundwork on these two regiments.

Next up from Ray will be Nine Years War Huguenots which will be very interesting to see.

These two units will bring Ray a tidy 144 points, which will slide him into second place! Bravo! (Now just double it and you'll be within striking distance of Kent...)