Monday, March 21, 2016

My Tribute to Tamsin - Penelope McFadden: Pulp Adventuress

Tamsin's been a great supporter of the event ever since her first Challenge (back to the 3rd edition, I believe). As many of you know, she's quite a competitive lass and very driven to succeed. Over the past four Challenges she's participated in she's accumulated 7946 points. Yeah, no matter what scale you divide that into that's a huge heap of painted miniatures. This year she's done a terrific job in stewarding the Tuesday group and we've all enjoyed her great sense of humour, unflagging enthusiasm and good will.

My Tribute figure for Tamsin came to me quite easily. Last year I was in on the Kickstarter for RAFM's new range of Cthulhu miniatures, and one of the character figures from that was an excellent sculpt of an adventuress which you see here. As soon as I looked at the figure I said to myself, 'Oh yeah, she's definitely a redhead. Tamsin would get a kick out of her.' I also thought Tamsin would like the figure as it's a little off the beaten path, not being an especially well-known range.

When I was painting her I thought she'd make a great 'Penelope' and with her red hair I thought a good Scots-Irish name was in order. So here is Penelope McFadden, adventuress extraordinaire.

The figure is quite charming, very willowy and elegant in her pose. To me she seems very self-possessed and unflappable - quite ready for the next thing to come her way. Much like our Miss. P I think!

I hope you like her Tamsin. Thanks again for all your help this year, you made our Tuesdays terrific . :)