Thursday, October 31, 2013

Leaked! Canada's New Secret Weapon: Rocket Dogs

Two Rocket Dogs and their handler. Note the grim determination of this trio...
Forget hunter/killer drones, satellite lasers and Sarah Palin with a coherent thought, these weapons of mass destruction will strike fear into the hearts of Canada's mortal foes (well, at least those we're slightly piqued with - we're much too mild-mannered to have real enemies). 

I unveil to you: Rocket Dogs. 

Yes, yes, Rocket Dogs are the latest in short range K9 munitions. Once launched, these little babies will home-in on their target, lick faces, pee on carpets and dig up gardens. Nonetheless, be forewarned, the deployment and use of Rocket Dogs may violate many articles within the Geneva Convention BUT if you want the job done, these are the tools to do it.

'Rocket Dogs: When you really need somebody licked.'

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Felix checking Oscar's payload before launch.
Fuses lit, two Rocket Dogs begin to lock onto their target (i.e. the neighbourhood cat).