Wednesday, March 12, 2014

From SamuliS: 28mm WWII Finnish Infantry (88 points)

From Samuli:
These are the last additions to my Winter War Finnish infantry at least until the next wave of Kickstarter goodies(?) arrives. I'm pretty glad that they are all done now as I really started to get fed up with many of the sculpts. At least the tanks etc. are looking good in the photos so maybe there are some nice minis coming up too.
I had some issues with the snow material that I used previously as it started to sink quite a bit after a week or so leaving the bases looking a bit weird. This time I tried just using the snow flock on PVA glue with even worse results. Looks good immediately after applying, but now that they've dried completely most of the flock has turned grey. So now I have pretty much 43 bases to redo after I've found some recipe for snow that actually works.
Once again the sculpt quality varies way too much for my tastes. There were a few that I hadn't painted before like the NCO with the scarf that was actually quite nice. Then "Running Man" makes another appearance as does some LMG gunner who looks like his face was carved with a blunt axe.

I know some of these models come as a bit of a disappointment but the results you've achieved are excellent. Too bad about the deteriorating snow effect (it must be that Spring is just around the corner!) - I hope you find an effective replacement that doesn't cause too much of a headache.

These winter Finns will give Samuli 88 points. Well done!

From LeeH: 6mm WWII German Panzer IV F1s & Panzer IIIs (30 points)

From Lee:
Well I'm inching towards my target and might just make it now...providing I get my final Bonus round model in on time! In the meantime today's submission is part of my ongoing North Africa 1942 project and marks the beginning of a new phase of expansion for my Desert collection. This latest batch of German tanks will fill a few holes in the existing ranks and help flesh out the core companies I am building before going on and starting new ones.

There are a mix of 6mm models in this formation. First off a platoon of Panzer IV F1's by GHQ. As usual the quality of these models is superb and with the right amount of highlighting and pigmented wash all the detail can be seen. Then I have some Panzer III N's again by GHQ. I'll need to buy several more platoons as these form the backbone of my panzer forces for late 1942. Lastly some more Panzer IV F1's but this time from Scotia. I came across these particular models by chance at a show recently and decided to give them a try. They are less detailed and slightly smaller than the GHQ examples - Scotia are 1/300 while GHQ are 1/285. I'll assign the two platoons of Pzr IV F1's to different companies and my players probably won't even notice the difference.

Incidentally I have altered my base labels for these models to include a national flag symbol and a regiment number. I have been reorganising my existing platoons into newly constituted companies as part of a longer term plan (something I should have done before I started the project!) so I will be going back and replacing all the base labels on my existing collection over the next few weeks.... but not until after the Challenge is over!

The Oasis model is also a newly completed project, even though I know I can't enter it into the Challenge. Once the idea was lodged in my head the urge to do some terrain building was more than I could resist!

Wonderful work Lee. As I've mentioned before I've been a great admirer of your basing and overall presentation with this project. The labels are ace, I feel for you having to change tack mid-stream.

Love the oasis, but it needs more camel... ;-p

These microscale DAK tanks will give Lee 30 points, enough for him to reach his 600 point target. The pressure's off Lee - well done and congratulations!

From Millsy: 28mm ECW Rupert's Regiment of Horse (101 points)

From Millsy:
This is my last ECW cavalry entry - Prince Rupert's Regiment of Horse. These go alongside the lifeguard of horse I've already painted this challenge, giving me a really solid core of top quality gallopers. Look out Cromwell, ye crop headed rebel, Rupert and his lads are on your case!
The models are a mix of Renegade and Bicorne Miniatures once again, both riders and mounts this time. I've used the same techniques as before, horses painted over a black undercoat and riders over a white. Everything is blocked in and then inked or brush dipped to add depth before highlighting.
The guidon is another home made effort, put together in Photoshop. I really enjoy doing these and it gives a good sense of finishing things off making them myself. It's also cheaper :-)
To finish off here's a couple of group shots of all three units of horse I've completed recently.

Right, that's enough chatter. I've got two rather complex vignette/diorama things on the go to finish off the challenge and I've got no time to waste!

Fabulous job Millsy! These cavaliers look more than ready to attend to some Parliamentarian 'issues' and I love the final shot of the brigaded Horse. Wonderful.

Rupert's Regiment of Horse will give Millsy 101 points, including a nod for the excellent banner. Well done!