Thursday, January 26, 2012

From ChristopherS: 28mm ACW Confederate Signal Station (60 points)

Christopher sends in this brilliant Confederate signal station that he did up for his ACW collection.

This is a Redoubt Miniatures model. Christopher prefers the Redoubt range over many others and I agree with his opinion as I have quite a few of their models - they are well-cast and very characterful.

'No army painter was used on this and I prefer it this way and will do so for the rest of my confederates. The signal flags are hand painted and the weathering done on the rocks and some of the tower were with MIG pigments. The flowers and trees are from "Heki" I believe.'

Christopher thought he'd get this done for some 'quick points' but it ended up being a more involved project (as we can see). The composition and groundwork are fantastic. This is such a great centerpiece model and would be a great objective model for a skirmish game.

The base points for the figures in this diorama is 30 points but I'm going to double it for the entire compostion - so 60 points. Beautiful work, Christopher!

From ChrisP: 15mm British Artillery, Armour and Transport (174 points)

Chris sends in an assortment of World War Two British models for his 'Flames of War' collection. First is a battery of 25 pounders with crew, command teams and spotters. Great basework on these - really lovely stuff. (Two of these were painted before the Challenge and so won't be scored)

Next is two Sherman Vs and a Sherman recovery vehicle. Really like the dummy gun used to mask its silhouette. 

Last is a group of transports and a command jeep.

This group will give Chris 174 points. Very nice collection, Chris.

From MikeW: 28mm WWII German Infantry (55 points)

Mike has sent for his opening gambit to the Challenge a squad of eleven World War Two German infantry.

These are 28mm Warlord Games plastic models that Mike is going to use with their 'Operation Squad' set of rules. (I'm curious to know how these rules play. Hopefully sometime Mike can give us a synopsis of what he thinks of them.) 

'A squad of Wehrmacht, based for Operation: Squad (well, based for pretty much anything, actually, since Op: Squad isn't that fussy - most of them are Renedra round 25mm bases, one is a UK 2 pence piece, which is almost dead on the right size and cheaper!). Army Painter Uniform Grey spray primer, Tamiya Field Grey uniforms, Army Painter Strong Tone dip. Basing is my usual (Tamiya Dark Earth Diorama paint, Javis moorland scatter and spring static grass, some GF9 medium basing grit), and then an overall coat of Army Painter Anti-Shine (JUST before it rained!).'

These 11 models will give Mike 55 points to get on the board. Nice job and welcome aboard, Mike!