Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Final Entry to the Lead Painter's League: Quar Infantry and Assault Tractor

For the last submission to the Lead Painters' League the organizers asked us to provide an entry based around a sci-fi theme, with extra points for providing an opposing side along with some sort of suitable creature or vehicle.

I spent a looong time racking my brain trying to come up with a submission that was suitable, a bit unique and something that I might actually use. Not easy. Finally, I remembered that ZombieSmith offered these fabulous figures from their game, 'This Quar's War'.

The Quar are sort of a mash up of world-weary aardvarks in a quasi-WWI setting... They have a aesthetic that reminds me of the Heavy Metal and Epic Illustrated magazines of the 80s. Weird but strangely compelling. I've really warmed to them since starting this first set.

The automatic shotgun team is a very nice set. I decided to tart-up their base with some extra groundwork to give the impression that the team has had some time to prepare their position.

For the fellows with the cheche-like headscarves I wanted to do some of them up in pinstriped coats as an homage to those the Moroccan Goumiers wore during their time in French service in WWII. 

(I think I may go back over these with a dull red pinstripe to help lift the effect.)

I made the sniper team from a couple odd figures and replaced the marksman's short barrelled weapon with something a little more over-the-top, more reminiscent of a bedouin jezail.

Now I really have a hankering to add a bird marching to the end of the barrel...

The camo scheme for the assault tractor was derived from images of those iconic German helmets worn during the last years of the Great War. 

The style is very mannered but I like how the effect turned out on the whole. I need to touch up some of the paint and add some more stowage and an aerial.

Fun! Nonetheless, all this being said, my Quar haven't really generated much interest amongst the LPL voters. Sigh. Oh well, no matter, I had a great time working on them and look forward to adding some more in the future.