Tuesday, March 18, 2014

From IanW: 6mm Napoleonic Prussians & WWII British and German Markers (100 points)

From Ian:
In an attempt to clear most of the in progress stuff off my desk I give you a mixed bag. 
I got a load of painted figures via Dave D at blog con. All were 6mm Adler but I field smaller units that Adler pack them in so I needed to paint up extra command for them. For the French I painted up five figures per battalion for a total of 20 figures. I had already painted the Voltigeurs before the challenge so these also don't count.
I also got a load of Prussians with enough loose left overs to form six battalions and I have stuck to my usual 2 battalions with colours and one without. So for these six battalions I claim just four figures, the standard bearer!

The 7th Line Regiment was a bit of a problem as I neither had the flag nor ink in the printer so I took another regiments and added the green to the flags, a little faffy but you know how it is.
The 26th Reserve Regiment was just generic Baccus flags as I could not find a flag for them. 
The Baccus Landwehr though are all painted by me (except the dead trooper), these have a compliment of 24 line figures and four out front skirmishing. After the long break on doing 6mm infantry it was really good to get at them again and they seemed to come on really quickly. 

These are the first Baccus Landwehr I have painted up and I really found them a breeze to paint. I have another nine in hand so I can look forward to getting these painted up for the Waterloo game.
All told I have finished off 26 Battalions between the Prussians and French during the Challenge which is a good number to have got through and I am nicely ahead of schedule painting these up.
Almost to the end of the Sniper Reminders for a bit (I really want a break) but these are just for the fun of it. Four each of the Black Tree Miniatures Desert Rats and Africa Korps. on the deluxe sized bases. 

The Brits are working their way through a mix of mines and wire, the little mine sighs I cut out of some spare ASL mine factor counters and added to a bit of balsa. 

The Germans won't be fully finished in the Challenge as I want to add some more bits to the bases but I need to source them and all four bases are presents for a pair of good mates.

Nice score Ian and kudos to you for the wonderful job in getting these new levies integrated into your burgeoning 6mm collection.

Alright, wow, that makes 108 6mm figures and eight 28mm figures for a grand total of 100 points (with a little extra for the great work with the 6mm flags). With this entry and the points from the bonus round you will exceed your Challenge goal of 1066 points. Well done Ian!

From MichaelF: 28mm 'I Give Up' - Challenge 'Desperado' & Doc Holliday (25 points)

From Michael:

'I Give Up!'
If I do the math I'm about 30 points or so short of my target this year. Not at all that bad given the limited painting time available this year but still a failure.
So I need to surrender and I will do so by entering this years submission fee. Now I've seen all sorts of great entry fees (did I see a duck?) but old west figures seem to be the main theme here.
Now Curt has his Wild Bunch secured I figured they could use a hostage to drag along in their gunfights. He is travelling your way soon Curt together with the figs from the to other members of the Dutch Water-Bicycle Detachment.
Miniature from Foundry and Doc Holliday from Artizan.

Ah, but it was a valiant effort Michael.  You may not have come away with the quantity you wanted but your quality was peerless. (Folks, check out Michael's Revolutionary War French battalion in the 'Last Stand' gallery - simply gorgeous.) Plus your throwing down the gauntlet to your mates Jacco and Rob really helped to motivate them in getting their projects kick-started. A great success in my books - bravo!

Finally, thank you very much for the wonderful hostage figure. I have a distinct suspicion taht he will be featured in many upcoming scenarios...

Doc Holiday and this hapless townie will give Michael 25 points. Excellent and thanks again!

From JuanM: 28mm SAS, Taliban & Highlander (45 points)

 From Juan:

Here is my last entry to The Challenge. This year, the levels of participation and "products" have been fantastic, and I´m sure you have had a lot of work.
Well. First one, here is a SAS team in 28mm from Empress Miniatures. They have been painted for my "Skirmish Sangin" games and my idea has been to give them their particular look, with a lot of civilian equipment.

Secondly, there is a group of Taliban and al Qaeda fighters also for "Skirmish Sangin" and also from Empress Miniatures. Very nice figures.

And lastly, my first 28mm Highlander for the Third Afghan War. Another 28mm figure from Empress Miniatures. I have been testing a new khaki "recipe" with this veteran of the Great War, and I like the result.

And this is all.
Again, a fantastic Challenge with wonderful painted figures and models. Thank you a lot Curt for your perfect work!!!

As usual Juan you've provided us a wonderful selection of lovely miniatures to feast our eyes upon.  Your modern figures are always a treat, especially your work on the various contemporary camo schemes. I'm also delighted to see your new foray into the Third Afghan War. By the looks of this first 'test' Highlander you will have a very enviable collection when it's complete.

These nine miniatures will give Juan 45 points. It's been a pleasure Juan and I look forward to seeing you join us again next year!

From JaccoK: 28mm Ramcke Fallshirmjaegers (50 points)

From Jacco:
Here is my 7th entry for the painting challenge, this one will get my over the target, I did it!
Ten figures total, seven figures from Artizan represent the famous Ramcke Parachute Brigade. Following the costly success of Operation Mercury, the airborne assault on Crete in 1941, several elite Fallschirmj√§ger units were formed into an ad hoc brigade under the command of veteran commander Oberst Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke. The brigade was slated to take part in Operation Hercules, the planned invasion of Malta. When the attack was cancelled, the Brigade, now named Fallschirmj√§ger-Brigade Afrika, was sent to join Rommel's Deutsches Afrika Korps in North Africa.
The other three figures are from Artizan (the indispensable Medic and the deadly MG34), the officer is from Black Tree Design. BTD has a large collection of WW2 figures but I found only view good figures, this one I like.
Especially for you, Curt, I placed the captured Marmon Harrington and the 8-Rad in the Background. These are older models from (Ian) Crouchie. We always met him at Crisis in Antwerp and we bought a lot of vehicles from, sadly it wasn’t enough for him to continue.
As I have reached my target I will use the remaining days to paint some British Cavalry for the Sudan Campaign. I don’t now if I’m able to finish them in time. If not, it was a great pleasure to take part in this challenge. I would like to thank everybody for the kind and encouraging remarks they have made about my entries.

Beautiful work Jacco! These hard-bitten fallshirmjaegers look the business and I appreciate the encore of the Marmon-Herrington and the 8-Rad, thank you!

These fine German paratroopers will give Jacco 50 points, enough,  as he well points out, for him to exceed his 500 point Challenge target. Congratulations Jacco! Well done!

From TimB: 28mm Medieval Warriors & Thug (35 points)

From Tim:
A few assorted Mediaeval Warriors I will use as fantasy humans in A Song of Blades and Heroes.
These halberdiers are painted in the livery of my old Brettonian Hero from my Warhammer days Philippe du Lapin. I’m not sure of the manufacturer of these as I got them in a trade. I originally thought they might be Old Glory (as they came in a bag of 30) but then seem… well… “too nice” to be Old Glory…
This foot knight is, I believe, from Wargames Foundry. It is yet another figure I’ve had for decades and have stripped and repainted.
A generic Mediaeval Thug from Mega Miniatures.

Haha, I like your diplomatic comment re: Old Glory. Yes, they can be a bit hit or miss in those big bags of lead... But as you say these are very nice indeed. (I really like those nasty bills they're wielding.)

These seven figures will give Tim 35 points. Now Tim, go dig up some more cool stuff from your lead pile!