Tuesday, January 14, 2014

From SebG: 15mm ACW Union Infantry Regiment - 27th New York (62 points)

Seb sends in another Union infantry regiment to bolster his collection of Yankee Bluebellies.

From Seb:
Here is my new entry, the 27th New York, or the "Union regiment", in 15mm.
What you have here is a brand new regiment for my Longstreet brigade, the 27th New York. Once again, 10 bases full of character. I wanted the unit to look like they were in the middle of the fight. Therefore, I used a lot of different references from Old Glory: Union skirmishing, generic wounded and generic melee. 
Now this is a dramatic moment, knowing they're going to fight until the last one is standing. This is why I like Old Glory. Where else could you find soldiers in hand-to-hand and another one supporting his wounded comrade?

The flags are speculative. I just downloaded, printed and added a bit of paint to two of them that I had found on the net, in the NY flags section. All in all, you have 30 men fighting for their lifes, and one already down, clutching his head. Poor fellow.

A very nice unit Seb. You're making the best of Old Glory's wide variety of characterful castings and each of your units will tell its own tale.

This Union regiment will provide Seb with 62 points. Excellent stuff.

From IannickM: OldHammer Chaos Trolls (52 points)

Iannick builds upon his wonderful OldHammer Chaos army with this great quartet of Trolls.

From Iannick:
After painting a Jabberwock, I was in the mood to paint more monsters so here is a unit of 4 Chaos trolls for my Oldhammer Chaos army.  
I used the Stone Troll figures released in 1992 and sculpted by Michael Perry. They were always my favourite GW trolls so I just had to include a few in my project. I went with a green colour scheme to match the rest of my army but also to give them a more Chaotic look. I also added a tail and some bone spikes as chaos attributes but mostly I avoided conversions as I just like those figures as they are.

Next in line, Chaos warriors. Or beastmen.

Wonderful work Iannick! I've always liked these models (especially their goggly eyes) and you've done a wonderful job on these lads.

These four Trolls will give Iannick 52 points. Great job!

From DallasE: OldHammer Fantasy Skaven & NAC Marines (55 points)

Dallas sends in these great reinforcements to his OldHammer Skaven collection and also some new 15mm futuristic colonial marines.

From Dallas:

Six more 28mm "Oldhammer" Skaven from 1987 - five slaves and a packmaster/slave driver.

Twelve 15mm Ground Zero NAC Marines. There are 14 in the picture but the two with slightly smaller bases were painted by another painter. I bought them on TMP and tried to match them as closely as possible. Not bad but the lack of one-euro-cent coins is a serious impediment to matching the bases - I had to use dimes :-(

Anyway should be 54 more valuable points!

Lemme get this straight: You used dimes instead of pennies for the bases. Okay, hellooo? Where are you hiding the real Dallas. For those of you not in the know it must be understood that Merriam-Webster should have Dallas' smiling face below their entry for 'frugal'. So you can imagine me falling off my chair when he admits to spending an extra $1.20 to provide bases for these dozen Ground Zero guys. Geez, next we'll have cats and dogs wanting marriage licences and Germans handing out Deutsche Bank credit cards to Greeks. Amazing times we live in. :)

Great work Dallas! Love those Skaven reinforcements. They have that great 1980s quasi-flat, boy-band pose which always makes me smile. And those 15mm marines are sweet as well - I really like the muted camo scheme and their bulbous helmets.

These Skaven and Dime-Marines will give Dallas 55 points (I've giving him another point for having to make the additional fiscal sacrifice for the bases). This will give him more than enough to meet his initial Challenge points target - Well done!

From TimB: Feudal Japanese Archers, Bandits and Peasants (60 points)

From Tim:
Here are the last few models I'll be adding to my Sohei Buntai #1. These are Perry Miniatures Ashigaru Archers that I converted to look like monks (because perry doesn't make Monk archers)

There are pictures of the conversions before painting here: http://saskminigamer.blogspot.ca/2014/01/sohei-archer-conversion.html
This next batch will finish off my Bandit Buntai.
The might look a little "flash" for bandits... I could probably have done them in more muted tones to look a bit grubbier... I guess I could think of them as slightly more successful bandits - or even less "bandits" and more like early organized criminal gangs... like the Yakuza..? 
This is the big boss-man. The figure is from AEG's old Clan Wargame. I'll classify his BFH as a "tetsubo".
All the pretty corded armour on the boss-man's back. 
These are his immediate lieutenants - the Bandit Gashira - moderately less pitiful and slightly better armoured than the average bandits. Figures from the venerable Clan Wars range.
Again with the pretty corded armour. 
Three pee-on peasants from the Assault Group to fill out the ranks. 

This finishes off two of the ten Buntai I'm planning to have finished for the Ronin Campaign/Tournament I'll be running at my 10th Annual Wargaming Birthday Bash/Winter Wargaming Weekend at the end of February. Luckily most of the other Buntai are at least half done.

My next few entries will probably be smaller batches - each finishing up one buntai our another. Perhaps in March we'll see about taking up Millsy's challenge to drop some big 500+ point bombs.... I do have an entire division of Great War Canadians sitting in the drawer - prepped and primed and waiting to be painted....
Now to get working on my 'vehicle'... 

Wonderful work Tim. Great conversions on the archers and I must say you've really nailed the corded samurai armour with this project - that is a tremendous amount of tedious work, but the final result looks fabulous.

These Japanese archers, bandits and peasants will give Tim 60 points, with some extra added for the great conversions. Well done!