Saturday, March 13, 2021

Myfanwy Thomas from 'The Rook'

This is Myfanwy Thomas, the main protagonist in 'The Rook', a fantasy novel set in modern day UK, where a nefarious and dangerous element within the British Government faces off against foreign entities, and tries to cover up arcane plots from public sight. Wait, I hear you say, isn't that the Tory government? No, no, no this is an effective government entity doing these things, and it's fiction. ;)

Seriously, this is a great two-book series. Think Cthulhu meets Bond, with a dash of Holmes and a sprinkling of Frankenstein. Don't watch the TV miniseries as it sucks Big Time. Stick to the books. Anyway, Myfanwy is a super fun, kick-ass character. Sort of a wallflower, but wickedly smart and with some arcane skills backing her up. Very, very fun.

This is a figure from Hasslefree Miniatures. Very petite and slim, perfect for Myfanwy. Really simple paintjob as I didn't want to overthink it. Bam, done.

Thanks for popping in for a peek!

- Curt