Saturday, September 18, 2021

Noel Williams

Yesterday I received the very sad news that our friend Noel Williams had passed away this August.

Fellow participants of the Painting Challenge know Noel well from his wonderfully creative, loquacious and hilarious submissions to our little event (he was a poet after all).  I always knew, that when a Noel entry was posted, that I'd be entertained by his great wit, impressed by his furious industry and invigorated by his ebullient enthusiasm. 

He will be greatly missed.

Wishing you smooth sailing and open skies, Noel.


Monday, September 6, 2021

Ribald the Troll (with a Goblin-Manned Headcannon, of course) for 'Moonstone'


Hi All!

First, Happy Labour Day Long Weekend! I hope that for those who observe the holiday, you're enjoying a nice, relaxing day off.

Today I have a new character to add to our Moonstone games. This time it's a Troll who goes by the name of 'Ribald'. He seems to be an amiable sort, allowing Goblins to clamber all over him, using him as a walking cannon emplacement. He's a solid, agreeable lad, that Ribald.

Another wonderfully characterful model from the boys over at Goblin King Games. 

Hmm, he needs something. What could it be? I know, it's the pose of that foot. It's too purposeful by far. 

Not being able to leave well enough alone, I decided a banana peel underfoot would set the stage nicely. So I hunted one up from Thingiverse and popped it on the base. 

Now, Ribald and his greenskin gunner seem more in balance with the Karmic universe. I almost can't look. Almost.


Ribald has an admirable badonkadonk, so I gave him a pair of 'barefoot-cut' Levis blue jeans. See, he's even sporting the iconic red label tab on the back pocket. What a fashion plate.

Ribald is now ready to cause mayhem, or have it inflicted upon him, in our future games of Moonstone.

Next Up: Some Faeries!

Have a great week everyone!


Monday, August 23, 2021

Buildings for Moonstone from Tabletop World

Okay, let's move on from my somewhat stuttering 1:1 efforts and look at something that I've actually completed: a trio of buildings for our Moonstone games from Tabletop World. 

The mood and setting of 'Moonstone' is very Grimm fairytalesque, and I wanted some terrain that would fit with that aesthetic, so when I came across these models from Tabletop World I knew they'd fit the bill perfectly. They have a wonderful lived-in, dilapidated, sway-backed look, which makes me think of witches in dark forests, kids named Hansel and Gretel, and a wolf that is both Big and Bad.

These three models are fairly small and basic compared to some of the offerings in the Tabletop World catalog ('The Wizard's Tower' is particularly impressive). The two smaller models are listed as cottages, while the three-storey structure is from their townhouse series (I've been using it as a small tavern in our recent scenarios).

I really like all the exterior details on this model, especially the stone water trough and the harvested vegetables.

The roofs lift off and they all have great interior detail. On the larger, muli-level models, each floor is separate, to facilitate skirmish gaming.

I love the uneven stacked stone chimney and the jury-rigged roof repairs.

I won't varnish the truth. These models are expensive, BUT they are exquisitely crafted and I think you do get your money's worth. The rendered detail is astonishingly crisp, the casting is flawless and they are an absolute joy to paint.  A real pleasure to have on the tabletop.

Now, I'm going to go to their site and pine over that Wizard's Tower again... Have a great week everyone!

Next up: A Troll with a Helmet-Cannon!

Monday, August 16, 2021

Hobby Studio Build: Part III

It's been several months since I've posted an update on the hobby studio. Well, it's been bumbling along in fits in starts, but progress has been made. 

The main overhead door was installed in January after a 5 month delay. It was sourced from an American company. Apparently being a 'favoured trading partner' has its limits, as our order was bumped 4 times by later-arriving domestic customers. I was not impressed. Anyway, better late than never, here is a shot of the door, finally installed. Funny thing is that, being a gaming studio, it hardly gets opened, but it looks nice and I'm sure the next owners will make good use of it. 

We plunked down for a model that offered a bit more insulation, which should help during the colder months.

After living with it for a few months we found the west wall of the studio was rather bland looking, and so decided to retrofit it two thin horizontal windows (found at the ReStore recycling) to add a bit more visual interest. They're also nice in that they introduce a little more natural light into the space.

As the interior was not yet insulated and heated, the onset of Old Man Winter enforced a pause on the project.

Early this spring we picked out our siding, and after four months of delays (again due to Covid) it was installed just last week. 

This is the interior side, facing into our courtyard. That's Eddie, our siding contractor, doing his thing. 

For the exterior siding, we went with a vertical bat profile as it seemed more in-line with the design of our house. We also decided to clad the four corners of the studio in teak stained pine boards for it to better tie-in with the other design elements on our property. Here are a few before and after shots:

We hope that the overhead door and corner cladding adds a bit of warmth to a fairly austere design.

Next up in this project is completing the eavestroughs and the exterior lighting. After that, we'll finally get into the fun stuff: the interior work to finish the game room. 

Thanks for dropping in folks - I hope you have a terrific week!

- Curt

Monday, July 12, 2021

'Boris the Bunny Summoner', his Murder Bunnies and the dreaded Jackalope

I know, I know, I said I'd do an update on the gaming clubhouse, but I'm waiting for some stuff to be installed, so I thought I'd wait and do a post after those are completed.

So what do we have today? Well, let's continue on my current fixation with all things Moonstone by looking at a few new additions to the Faun contingent.

When I first showed Sarah the Moonstone figures she was immediately attracted to the Faun as they had 'Boris the Bunny Summoner'.

Well, it's true, Boris is pretty darn awesome. While his personal stat line is not that impressive, he does have one ability that absolutely rocks: he can summon rabbits. Oh no, these are not normal rabbits, boys and girls. Nooo, our Faun Boris can summon a bloodthirsty trio, a fluffle no less of Murder Bunnies(!), AND if the stars align, he can call forth the ferocious (and slightly ridiculous) Jackalope! 

The Murder Bunnies individually are not especially powerful, but with Boris being able to control them remotely, a trio of them can cause quite a bit of mischief and mayhem.

The Jackalope is, literally, a different beast entirely. Very dangerous and quite manoeuvrable, this huge horned hare is a force to contend with. Once Boris manages to summon it (no easy task in of itself), the Jackalope is treated as an additional character for the Faun player to use. 

This floppy-eared apex predator can handily leap over very large obstacles, takes great delight in skewering enemies with his spikey antlers and can chomp them with his 'nasty, big, pointy teeth'. Essentially, the Jackalope is Elmer Fudd's nightmare, writ large.

Thanks for dropping in folks! I hope you're having a terrific day.

Next Up: Gnomes!

Monday, June 21, 2021

Faun Troupe for 'Moonstone'

Yes, the 'Moonstone' fever rages on with another faction for the game to explore. Today we have the Faun who populate the forest glens and green meadows of the world of Taubur.

A little more rustic than the Humans and Goblins, the Faun provide a very characterful contingent for the game. These are not the crude, brutal Beastmen seen in Warhammer, but rather are more along the lines of Shakespeare's 'Puck', or the 'Faun' from del Toro's 'Pan's Labyrinth'. 

In game terms they are a relatively resilient, quick-moving faction, utilizing magic that manipulates nature and summons animal allies to assist them.

These three 35mm figures are cast in resin and compose the 'Hunting Horns' box set. 

'Hoff' is the leader of this group. He's quite solid in close combat (with a ferocious charge ability), and can also give his fellow Fauns a movement boost by giving a blast on his hunting horn.

'Jayda' is a straightforward soldier type. Fleet of foot (hoof?), great with her bow, and also can be quite nasty in close combat.

'Mr. Toodles' (his name cracks me up) is the classic faun, more along the lines of what you'd encounter in Greek mythology - all about booze, music and merrymaking. He's essentially a healer, but can cause all kinds of mischief with his flute and various 'elixirs'.

Next up will be an update on the Gaming Studio and some nifty buildings for Moonstone.

Thanks for dropping in! I hope you're having a terrific day.


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

'Dim & Dimmer', Two-Headed Giant for 'Moonstone'

Continuing on with my obsession with all things 'Moonstone', here is 'Dim & Dimmer', a rather cantankerous two-headed giant, out for a stroll and a bit of lunch. 

Again, similar to many of the models for this game, there is a wonderful sense of whimsy and character to this fellow (these fellows?). I love the cow over their shoulder and the 'bagged lunch' hanging from their belt.

I had a bit of fun painting the tattoo on their belly. I figured the ubiquitous t-shirt meme 'I'm With Stupid' (with a Giant's take on the spelling) would be a suitable tag on their expansive gut.

In game terms, 'Dim & Dimmer' is quite unpredictable as they're largely governed by random card draw, but if the stars align, then opponents are likely to end up as a bagged lunch. :)

Thanks for dropping in. I hope you're having a terrific day!


Sunday, May 30, 2021

Goblin Airship for 'Moonstone'

Today I present to you a Goblin Airship. 

I know, demented, isn't it? When I first saw it on the Moonstone website I knew I had to get one for my collection. It's just so charmingly whacky.

The 'airship', a poor frog whose been bunged up to contain its 'hot air', provides some 'vertical dimensionality' for the forces of the goblin 'Dominion'. 

I used Kermit the Frog as my muse for this model. I shaved down the pupil of one eye, so it could painted with the eyelid closed. I think it helps convey the poor guy's sense of distress. For the flag, I kept the same blue and white checked livery as my existing goblins.

I scrapped the stock stand and replaced it with a magnetic ball and gimbal set-up, so it can be easily separated for transport.

If you look hard you can see that the gondola has a little goblin peering out, manning a Maxim gun, (really it's a 'pea shooter', with the hopper for the peas at the end of the barrel).  He also has a cup of tea (cappuccino?) sitting precariously next to him. You know, for when he goes on union breaks.

Love. It.

Next up: A Two-Headed Giant(!) from Moonstone.

Thanks for dropping in folks! Have a terrific day!


Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Goblin Troupe for 'Moonstone'

What have I been up to lately? Well, since early spring I've become quite enamoured with the game 'Moonstone'. I posted a sampling of the human faction, 'The Commonwealth' a few weeks ago. Since then I've placed several orders for its figures, cherry-picking from the wide assortment of models offered from its catalog.

This group is from the base set representing elements of the goblin faction, 'The Dominion', which is part of the starter set.

As I mentioned previously, I really enjoy how wacky the characters are, they look as if they've walked right off the sets of 'Legend' or 'Labyrinth' - they're quite demented. 

As the figures are a bit over-the-top, I decided to paint them in a very vibrant, bright pallet, using lots of glazes, washes and wet blending.  Some of it worked, some didn't, but I've been having a blast working on them. Here is the group.

The Vicious Midget

Doug the Flatulent (love this guy!)


Beaky Bobby

In addition to the figure design, one of the things I quite like about the system is that there are no point values in the game. The figures are essentially 'equal' to each other in their bonuses and shortcomings, so you're not having to fuss around with puzzling over lists or shaving points here to bring in something your really want. I find this is quite liberating and simplifies game setup. More on the game in the next post.

Thanks for dropping in!