Monday, March 12, 2012

From RayR: 15mm Earl of Bath's Regiment of Foot

Ray is not going taking Tim's bid for 2nd idly and so sends in this unit of Nine Years War foot representing the Earl of Bath's Regiment (later to be the 10th Foot).

These are 15mm Essex castings and I assume the flags were created by Ray himself, though  he can confirm (he's a clever lad).

This unit will give Ray 63 points - not enough to catch Tim but he's edging closer...

From ScottB: 28mm Strumpet (6 points)

This is Scott's entry for 'Sarah's Choice', an exotic temptress from the sub-continent.

First, a little background story from Scott:

It's a 28mm scale Reaper 'strumpet'.

I have seen the same figure painted several times in the blog-o-verse... I thought I'd give it a different twist; Plus the fact that the last one [strumpet] I painted up got me in to so much grief from the missus coz I painted her 'blonde'...

So I decided if Jack Sparrow had been as far from the Caribbean as Singapore, he could well have stopped off in the Indian subcontinent on the way past, and thus we have the sorry tale of Prashanthi Maduralawa, who fled from the arranged marriage that was lined up for her, and fell in love and off to sea with her bonnie sailor boy... but her sad tale continues as her beau loses his life in ship to ship action fighting off a pirate vessel, who take the crew prisoner, and poor Prashanthi ends up in Tortuga, having to resort to the oldest profession to make ends meet...

So a brown skinned beauty, with very OTT make up, but it had to be this gaudy to stand out against the dark skin, and to attract her clientele!

Excellent work, Scott. I'm giving you 5 for the lass and an extra 1 for her heart-rending story (it made me get all misty).

From TimB: Ancient Egyptians, WWII Canadians, WWII Brits and Vietnam-era Americans (308 points)

Tim's beginning to stoke the engine for the last dash to glory and so sends in this impressive collection of figures extending from ancient Egypt, through the Second World War to the war in Vietnam. First up, above, is an ancient Egyptian family. These 28mm figures are from Black Tree Design. 

Next is a varied group of 20mm WWII Canadian infantry ranging from regular infantry, mortars, forward observers and a 25-pounder. These are a mix of FAA, SHQ and Platoon 20.

Then we have some British paratroopers and commandos in their distinctive red and green berets. These are Platoon 20 castings.

For a counterpoint Tim also shows us a pair of WWII German forward observers.

Finally, we have two Vietnam-era 105mm American howitzers with their attendent crew. These are by RAFM. 

This great assortment of miniatures will give Tim a very impressive 308 points allowing him to pip Ray and move into 2nd place! Well done, Tim!